| V I V I D |

27.05.2016 Celebrating milestones under brights lights. Thank you for an unforgettable night.   Night photography isn't my strength, so once exams are over, I'm working my arse off to improve my night photography. Keen for June 17.   xx Simran


   Traveling leaves us speechless, and then turns us into the world's greatest storytellers.  Seeing this glorious sunset outside my window as I study for my mid-semester exams is doing nothing to curb my wanderlust. July and South Africa cannot come fast enough.  xx Simran 


When life is beautiful albeit blurred, but nothing comes close to the hazed, violet beauty outside your window. These were shot within three minutes of each other. Different bits of the sky holding exponential amounts of beauty. Sydney please.  Wishing away all the stress and anxiety of HSC and needing to do well and studying incessantly … Continue reading ☁️