Where did she go? – This post is an apology. A weak excuse to justify why I haven’t written, updated or shared new thoughts and expressions. 2018 was meant to be a reclamation. Instead, I’ve made it more a story of a puppy chasing its own tail. Every small update has been prefaced with the […]


it’s been too long. I’m sorry. Empty apologies seem to be my thing. *** To leave another decade in the dust has never felt more freeing. Usually, I have so much to look back on throughout another year of growing up, developing and maturing. But nineteen has marked nothing that I want to look back […]


Diet culture and its oversaturation in our society is of paramount concern. I wanted to take today’s post to address certain elements. This post is on the more controversial side, and please as usual, if you do not agree with my views on diet culture and labelling OR are not comfortable with seeing an opinion, […]

An ode to shallowness, letting the world get the better of me, and a journey in reconciliation.

  *** My name is Simran Goyal. I’m nineteen years old. I used to care about what people thought about me and my appearance. But now? I’m a nineteen year old boss lady working to reconcile and love herself even more every day, by simply not caring about what the world has to say about […]


Sometimes society forgets that feminism isn’t a singular aspect on a colour spectrum. Within the movement and desire to advocate and fight for my equal rights and representations is the balance that I need to strike with my heritage and my nationality. Born an Australian, raised an Indian-Australian, hailing from an Indian heritage. I am […]