Diet culture and its oversaturation in our society is of paramount concern. I wanted to take today’s post to address certain elements. This post is on the more controversial side, and please as usual, if you do not agree with my views on diet culture and labelling OR are not comfortable with seeing an opinion, […]


What transpired today, at 10am EST, was truly historic. Today marks a departure from the battle for equality. Australia has voted yes for marriage equality, in one of the most divisive political agendas the nation has seen. 61.6% of the population who voted in the same sex marriage plebiscite voted in favour of marriage equality. As […]


We aren’t known by our skin. We aren’t recognised by our achievements. We aren’t celebrated for our successes. We’re known as the fair skinned beauties or the darked skinned disappointments. – After perhaps one of the most exhilarating and eye opening experiences of my life, I returned from Europe on a high. Tanned, high on […]

on debates

If you find posts about American politics and Donald Trump offensive or against your views, don’t read this very small, low key rant. – I really do not give a crap about what you might have to say about Hillary Clinton. Love her, hate her, loathe her. I don’t care. One thing is pretty clear […]