Sometimes society forgets that feminism isn’t a singular aspect on a colour spectrum. Within the movement and desire to advocate and fight for my equal rights and representations is the balance that I need to strike with my heritage and my nationality. Born an Australian, raised an Indian-Australian, hailing from an Indian heritage. I am […]


Woman. n. An adult human female – Indra Nooyi. Angelina Jolie. Hillary Clinton. Malala. Beyoncé. We are surrounded by women who strive to empower. We are surrounded by women who seek challenges and turn them inside out. We are surrounded by women who prove they cannot be defined by a singular definition. When a friend […]


We aren’t known by our skin. We aren’t recognised by our achievements. We aren’t celebrated for our successes. We’re known as the fair skinned beauties or the darked skinned disappointments. – After perhaps one of the most exhilarating and eye opening experiences of my life, I returned from Europe on a high. Tanned, high on […]


POST EIGHT Have you wondered what it’s like to coexist in two places at once? To be physically, mentally and emotionally present in not one, but two realistic and very real environments? For many, it’s a daily occurrence. I’m not referring to some out of body, science fiction-esque experience. I’m referring to being bicultural. For […]


POST SEVEN – As much as we hate to admit it, we live in a world of stereotype. There’s no need for me to even open my mouth, for someone to throw me into a pool of stereotypes. Stereotypes have played a crucial part in both taking me away from my biculturalism, and me owning […]


P O S T  S I X: – “Your skin looks unclean. You’re so unclean Simran” Those words will forever be burnt in my mind. They are the product of losing my childish innocence to the hands of a girl I thought was my friend. She may have been playing around, but the comparison of […]


To myself. When you’re feeling low or sad or less than. Here’s to you. – This is for you. Because you are a boss. You are that loud, brown and proud young Australian woman. You are that double major Commerce student who will do great things. You are that compassionate, dedicated and courageous young lady. […]