An ode to shallowness, letting the world get the better of me, and a journey in reconciliation.

  *** My name is Simran Goyal. I’m nineteen years old. I used to care about what people thought about me and my appearance. But now? I’m a nineteen year old boss lady working to reconcile and love herself even more every day, by simply not caring about what the world has to say about … Continue reading An ode to shallowness, letting the world get the better of me, and a journey in reconciliation.


  In the middle of February, it may be too late to write about resolutions and changing perceptions. But let's roll with it. What I have to get out is something I believe is important. - "I shouldn't have eaten that. But it's ok. I'll just work it off later". "I had an intense gym … Continue reading CHALLENGE


Sometimes society forgets that feminism isn’t a singular aspect on a colour spectrum. Within the movement and desire to advocate and fight for my equal rights and representations is the balance that I need to strike with my heritage and my nationality. Born an Australian, raised an Indian-Australian, hailing from an Indian heritage. I am … Continue reading BROWN


From the heart and soul of a feminist, let's talk about feminism: - Let's clarify something, Feminists are not a group of sexually deprived, spiteful women. Feminists are not a group of scornfully single, complacent women who are unhappy with their lives. To be a feminist is not to go around bashing males and forming … Continue reading FEMINIST FORMATION


I'm not known to follow trends. Not always, anyway. This year however, I've decided to cement a few thoughts that I'd like to see play out over the course of 2018. 2018 is going to be, in its own right, a year of occasions. Stepping out of the teens and into "true" adulthood with my … Continue reading THE ROUND UP


I don't think I understood what a roller coaster truly was until I embarked on a journey titled 2017. This is the first year where I have hardened so much: physically, emotionally and mentally. Sure the year was filled with many, many highs. But i think every test I endured, every painstaking new challenge that … Continue reading 2017


Woman. n. An adult human female - Indra Nooyi. Angelina Jolie. Hillary Clinton. Malala. Beyoncé. We are surrounded by women who strive to empower. We are surrounded by women who seek challenges and turn them inside out. We are surrounded by women who prove they cannot be defined by a singular definition. When a friend … Continue reading WOMAN


What transpired today, at 10am EST, was truly historic. Today marks a departure from the battle for equality. Australia has voted yes for marriage equality, in one of the most divisive political agendas the nation has seen. 61.6% of the population who voted in the same sex marriage plebiscite voted in favour of marriage equality. As … Continue reading HISTORIC


Mama raised me to be a yellow sapphire. Unbreakable. Strong. Empowering. If my disrespect makes me that sapphire, so be it. I would rather you thought of me as shameful while my head is held high and I am proud of who I am; then succumb to your oppression. I'm never going to stop teaching … Continue reading EMPOWER


NEW CONTENT COMING SOON! The tragedy of exam season is real right now. - In the mean while, I wanted to share with you, a new project that I'm exceptionally proud to be a part of. On my left, as many of you already know, is my older sister. She's a chemical engineer by profession, … Continue reading I N I T I A T E