|21|20| as a title occurred to me, sometime at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. We know 20\20 vision is perfect vision. The norm. But what happens when we break free of the norm? What gets created then? What happens when the barriers of ‘normal’ and ‘perfect’ are broken down and reconstructed? What happens when someone decides to reconstruct what normal or perfect means to them? This is what it means.

A free spirited and determined young voice finding its way through the crowds of social construct, waiting for a space to let its booming words permeate the global society we live in today.


This is my face (with a snapchat filter cos why not?)

The characteristics of a Gemini have never been more accurate. Headstrong, anxious, curious, adaptable, passionate and emotionally unreachable. Who am I? I’m a young gemini living in Sydney who likes to read horoscopes when they tell her nice things, but otherwise believes they’re a complete joke. Also, for those interested, I am a SlytherClaw by Harry Potter Standards. I did a sorting hat quiz 4 times, and I was evenly distributed between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Pretty accurate let me tell you. 

Jokes aside, my name is Simran. I’m an 18 year old Sydney sider, and I am a child in an adult’s body, learning to drive through society and life. I’m a Commerce student, double majoring in Accounting and Business Law, and I want to go into international consultancy or run my own business – and I want to achieve either one or both before the age of 22. I’m insanely passionate about the rights of women, the rights and freedoms of minorities, advocating against predetermined social structures that are, in my opinion, wrong; and fangirling.

I started this blog to see how much focus I could have on maintaining it, after realising I had a slew of forgotten “1 post” failures somewhere on the internet. And now, it’s become my baby. This blog is a place for me to rant, share my views, my worries and my fears, my experiences and my inspirations, and of course my journey as an Australian with Indian heritage, working towards herself and trying to find happiness.

There will be controversy, humour, maybe a learning curve or two, a pinch of angst and most definitely a lot of self learning expressed through my writing.

I like to keep it real in my posts. And I hope you guys enjoy that (:

To sum it up, this blog is my canvas. It’s my place to explore myself with a community that’s so diverse and interesting. It’s a place for me to learn and share my experiences and map out who I am through my words and photos.

xx Simran



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  1. I feel so nice to bump into you girls…. Your blog is a lovely place . I would read more what you are writing very soon 🙂 In the mean time I am following you to stay updated 🙂 Love you xx

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