I’m not known to follow trends. Not always, anyway. This year however, I’ve decided to cement a few thoughts that I’d like to see play out over the course of 2018. 2018 is going to be, in its own right, a year of occasions. Stepping out of the teens and into “true” adulthood with my 20th birthday. The final year of my undergraduate education. The completion of my first major internship. That’s just to name a few.

2017 was a year where things went more haywire then I anticipated. It’s been a hard transition and it’s going to be even harder to climb out of certain areas I’ve been stuck in. But to not dwell on the year that was, I’ve shifted my focus straight ahead. No looking back.

So here’s to 2018’s challenges:

Join a sport and/or a piano class.

With work, my final year of university and life’s inevitable challenges, having something else to focus on is key. I grew up playing multiple sports, and played the piano for eight years. There’s no time like the present to rejoin these activities is there?

Be truly kind to my body and give it the nourishment and respect it deserves

If I don’t treat myself right now, how will my body carry me through all the challenges I’m yet to conquer. This isn’t just about nutrition. This is about relaxing the mind, being mindful and being truly present in every moment of this year, whether it’s eating a piece of fruit or exploring a new city.

Step beyond my creative comfort zones and write more, photograph more and live more

Two things I’ll always have on me are my phone and something to write on. These are the tools I need to continue my blog, my love for photography and the insatiable curiousity that’s burning inside my soul.


Ensure every thought, feeling and action is done so with intention

We live in a world of change. Things are evolving faster than the human mind can process, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the materiality of our society. This year, I really want to make sure everything I do is with intention and true awareness and understanding. I want to know that if I’m indulging, I’m doing it for my own benefit and livelihood. I want to be present in every moment. I want to live through each moment of this year, and come out of each moment cherishing and remembering what I learnt and felt.

The list is short, but I think it’s attainable.

Let’s see how far I go at the end of 2018.

Cheers to the new year. To new beginnings, new mountains to climb and new ceilings to smash through.

xx Simran


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