To myself. When you’re feeling low or sad or less than. Here’s to you.

This is for you. Because you are a boss. You are that loud, brown and proud young Australian woman. You are that double major Commerce student who will do great things. You are that compassionate, dedicated and courageous young lady. You are that fierce, sassy and loyal friend, sister, niece, cousin and daughter.

I know there are days when it feels like everything is coming down. Everything is crashing down around you and it seems like it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever work through. But baby girl, remember that you were born running, walking, leaping and exploring. You were so eager to explore the world and face challenges and learn new things, that you decided your nine months were too long. You were born to always take the stairs instead of the lift. Because deep down, you know that regardless of how tired you might get, or how sore your legs and lungs may feel, the stairs will always guide you up. Where your lift might fail, those stairs will always be there.

It’s not easy to quell anxiety. But you’ve never been a quitter. And I know it sounds so easy when I’m typing this. But there is so much out there for you to conquer and make your own. I need you to promise me that even when times are bad, you’ll look at how much you’ve achieved, how much you’ve done regardless of the judgement and the questioning; and look at what a brilliant and strong young woman you are.

I want you to always be proud of who you are. I want you to be able to accept compliments about your work, your photos, your food. I want you to show your skills off with pride, and show everyone and yourself how dedicated you are to making yourself better. Because I know you’ve always been like that. You’ve always strived for higher things. To make yourself better for you. For your family. For your friends and loved ones. For your society and your home.

There’s something I learnt recently, by looking at one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Battles aren’t about eradicating fear or discomfort. Battles are about finding the emotional, mental and physical strength to persevere with life despite the speedbumps that might arise.

I want you to realise that sometimes you won’t feel your very best. But that doesn’t mean you should let yourself down and stop striving to be your best. Because strength sometimes can’t be perceived until much later in the journey you’re on.

I want you to accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Flaws and all. Love yourself for who you are and who you want to be. That strong young woman with a loud voice and a lot of thoughts on a lot of issues. That young woman who loves the ones close to her unconditionally, and would go to the ends of the earth for them. That young woman who has time and time again, proven those who put her down wrong. That young woman who loves to cook and feed people. That young woman who will confidently belt out Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back like her life depends on it. That young woman who’s in a love affair with shoes, clothes and celebrity biographies. That young woman who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and will spend hours reading, talking and listening just to open her mind up some more. That young woman who loves to brunch, explore, discover and take photos. That young woman who has way too many celebrity crushes. That young woman who is competitive and fierce and wildly protective.

If there’s something I know I can say with pride, it’s that you’ve never been one to stop when someone has tried to stop you or hold you back. You’ve looked at fear and struggle and outrun them to come out on top. You’ve stared men in the eye and challenged them to think of you as anything less than successful. You’ve chased your dreams and fought for your successes. And you’ve relished that satisfaction of knowing you’ve earned everything you’ve been given.

And I think that’s one of your most admirable qualities.

Chin up baby girl.

Speedbumps are necessary in life, otherwise the same view would bore you.

xx Simran




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