on love

This is for my parents. Time and time again, it strikes me that I am so lucky, so privileged and so blessed to have two loving and wonderful parents. And these thoughts aren’t just occurring to me.

I cannot even begin to eloquently express how thankful I am that I was blessed with two parents who are open minded, forward thinking and have done so much for me.

I think I’ve come to realise that I take you both for granted sometimes. I think I’ve come to realise that I don’t share my gratitude and love and pride for you as much as I should. Because I couldn’t be more thankful for parents who have never turned me away. Who have openly accepted every piece of news I’ve told them. Who have comforted, guided and motivated me to become the best person I can.

My parents are two of the most hardworking people I know. They aren’t just qualified professionals in their fields. They’re nurturers, protectors and guardians. My mum comes home from an 8 – 5 job to talk to my sister and I. To counsel, comfort, guide and help us if we need it. She cooks for us, teaches us to cook and teaches us to look after ourselves. She puts everyone before herself. She will always ask if I need help with research or note taking or revision for my exams. Even if she’s ill, we come first. Mum will go the ends of the Earth to ensure my sister and I are safe and happy. She will do anything for her parents and her family. She is the one who engrained the love for cooking in me. She is the one who nurtured my love for English and history. She is the one who taught me to dance and sing.

And I can’t even begin to describe how dedicated and wonderful my dad is. He works the equivalent of 4 people’s jobs as a man in finance. He’s worked hard all his life and has never given up in the face of challenge. Even when he’s had a day of board meetings and a crazy workload, he will come home with a smile on his face, joke with us and make sure he spends at least 2 hours just talking and ensuring we’re all ok. Even if he’s come home at 11pm the previous day, he will never fail to rise early, get me up and take me driving so I can improve myself and get my provisional license. He spent so many hours on flights, in hotel rooms and during his free time making sure my economics was top notch, and even now, will never hesitate to skype and call me so we can discuss accounting principles that I might be confused with. He is the one who taught me to swim, ride my bike, fall in love with the All Blacks and gain an appreciation for cars.

I’m not the easiest child. There are personal matters and tears and a lot of anxiety and self-doubt that accompany who I am. But there’s also the pride, perseverance and dedication to making myself the best version of who I am. And I know that my proudest moments are always going to be a reflection of the both of you. Every single step to success will be made in your honour because there is no one in the world who will continually lift me up, wipe my tears and give me the motivation and drive to fight for what I want and what I deserve.

Mum, I want to thank you for being the most open, forward thinking and beautiful lady I know. Thank you for providing me with a safe space to open up about the issues in my life, no matter how trivial. Thank you for always listening to me when I come to you with boy drama. Thank you for never judging me. Thank you for holding me and wiping my tears when the boy I thought I loved broke my heart. Thank you for building me back up when I wanted to leave high school after the bullying became too much. Thank you for listening to me when I ramble about my passions and inspirations. Thank you for always showing me the bigger picture and instilling in me that every challenge I face makes me a more empowered and intelligent young woman.

I take your openness for granted sometimes. To know that I can always talk to you about relationships and boys and life is the biggest blessing. Because I know so many people who don’t share that luxury. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am that you always allowed me to open myself to you, speak my mind and seek counsel without the fear of being judged or told off.

Thank you for making me the strong young woman you’re proud of. Thank you for always making sure that I know I’m validated and that I don’t need the opinions of a man to feel beautiful and wanted. Thank you for teaching me to stand up to those who bullied me and broke me. And thank you for never ceasing to make me laugh by pulling out the age old book of Hindi insults to make me feel even the tiniest bit better when I’m feeling like crap.

Dad, I don’t know where to begin. Thank you for never letting go of your inner child, no matter the title next your name in a company. Thank you for your patience and your dedication so I can become an all rounded, successful and intelligent young woman. Thank you for every time you taught me maths and read to me so my mental calculation and vocabulary would increase. Thank you for indulging in my sweet tooth and sharing my love for chocolate. Thank you for being so open with me and allowing me to explore my tastes and never saying no to me trying different types of alcohol.

Thank you for all the car rides where we jam to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Thank you for teaching me to be a mean speed machine on my bike and now with the Audi. Thank you for always encouraging me to play as much sport as possible, and for always being there to hold my hand at the physio when I suffer yet another sports injury.

Thank you for everything you’ve provided me with. Thank you for never saying no to my wants and desires. Thank you for the travel experiences I am so blessed to have. Thank you for always standing your ground when I asked to go to things that weren’t important or necessary. Thank you for imparting wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for telling me that the boy I cried over was a “donkey’s pile of shit” because he didn’t know he just lost the single best thing in his life. Thank you for validating me and ensuring I don’t go through the same hardship you did when you were working your way up the career ladder.

Mum and dad, thank you for supporting my journey of self expression and discovery even when it doesn’t seem like the most logical thing to do. Thank you for letting me develop myself creatively and aesthetically. Thank you for providing me with the choice to do what I want. Thank you for instilling trust, virtue and dedication in me.

Thank you for showing me how to be a lady and a boss at the same time. To be feminine and classy and sophisticated but not submissive.

Thank you for showing me what heroes look like.

Thank you for showing me what love and dedication to a person, a family and the community looks like.

My accomplishments, my successes and my joy are as much mine as they are yours. I still don’t have the eloquence to express my gratitude and limitless love for both of you. Thank you for being the anchors in my life. The above 1000 words doesn’t even being to express how much I cherish my parents, but it’s a start.

xx Simran



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