on debates

If you find posts about American politics and Donald Trump offensive or against your views, don’t read this very small, low key rant.

I really do not give a crap about what you might have to say about Hillary Clinton. Love her, hate her, loathe her. I don’t care. One thing is pretty clear though. It takes one hell of a person to be able to calmly and politely take Donald Trump’s bullshit in front of 100 million viewers. I was streaming the debate at work yesterday, and I had to pause and mute it multiple times so I wouldn’t break my highlighters and throw my computer and phone out the window because of the things that were being said.

As an Australian, I’m urging all Americans to register to vote and please, if you hate both, choose the lesser of two evils.

Damn, Australian politicians look so nice right now. And I still can’t believe I’m saying that. I must be delirious.

xx Simran

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