Dearest dad,

Dearest dad,

This could be a long, cheesy post declaring my thanks and gratefulness for the world’s best dad on father’s day. But it won’t be. I’ve just chosen Father’s Day to write out how insanely lucky and forever in debt I am for having a father who is so unique, loving and wonderful.

I don’t think words describe or could ever convey how much I appreciate, respect and value you. (This post is becoming really cheesy already oops).

From the moment you held me as a newborn, I knew the bond we created would be unbreakable. And not only because you’re my dad.

Because you are my friend. My mentor. My guardian angel. My protector. The one I turn to when I desire something and the one I turn to when I need advice. The one who knows when he needs to let go of my hands and start watching my back.

Whether it’s your humour and your liveliness within my life, or even just the quiet silly moments we share in the car as we both quietly sing along to Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home”, I don’t know what life would be without you. Your dedication to ensuring I have the best of everything, be it my education, tuition, music, sport, physio, health and travel; blows my mind. Stories of dedication and hard work pale in comparison to what you’ve done and sacrificed so I could have a great life.

Your work ethic and drive to succeed in what you do is inspirational. Watching you tackle the status quo, the racism and the bigotry, and the incessant stupidity about race and being “second preference” in any financial position AND to prove your competitors wrong and rise to the top in a dignified and humble manner speaks volumes about the type of leader, manager and colleague I aspire to me. I’ve had the pleasure to speak to so many of your staff members, your colleagues, fellow C-role managers and partners of companies that you’re affiliated with. And it brings me so much joy when their faces light up in respect and recognition when I introduce myself, as “Simran Goyal, Sanjeev Goyal’s daughter”. You command respect and authority, yet your staff loves you and treasures the time you spend with them to ensure everything is perfect, be it work or their personal and home lives.

I couldn’t ask for a better role model to help me step into the business world. Having you by my side, guiding me and teaching me how to deal with misogyny, racism and unmanageable staff in a dignified and calm way is something that will remain with me forever. Having your work ethic and passionate drive instilled in me is something I will forever cherish. And having your sense of humour and quiet diligence is something I wake up everyday thanking God for.

And on a lighter note, I can’t thank you enough for the experiences you’ve allowed me to have at such a young age. All the travelling I’ve been able to do is because you sacrificed and risked so much coming from India and moving to a completely different country with a different everything. I don’t even know how to begin to repay you, but I think I’ll think of something.

Thank you for instilling faith and trust in me. For lifting me up and telling me I could do something when I was nervous and unsure. For encouraging me to tackle challenges instead of backing down. For trusting me to drive your precious Audi while I’m still on my Learner license.

Thank you for encouraging me to live my best life and live life to the fullest. Thank you for teaching me to ride bikes, drive cars and be a badass economics student. Thank you for teaching me to live life with every passing day and to live in the moment. Thank you for dealing with my love for coffee and putting up with my education of the top 40 music charts. Thank you for dealing with my obsession for technology and allowing me to indulge in all things Apple. Thank you for making me a die hard All Blacks fan.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes words won’t do a situation justice, and that peace and quiet and a little cry are necessary. Thank you for being the overprotective dad when there are boys involved in my life, yet letting me experience the ups and downs of relationships. Thank you for making me stronger with each passing day.

Thank you for never saying no to my whims, my passions and my desires. Thank you for allowing me to decorate your hair with pins and glitter and hair ties when I went through my hair dresser phase, and allowing me to take childish photos of you pulling your gangster face.

Thank you for being you. And for allowing me to be me.

I don’t have an overused cliche for the amount of love and respect I hold for you. And while I promised this post wouldn’t become cheesy and generic, I think I’ve failed a little.

I wouldn’t have our father daughter relationship any other way.

Love you.

xx Simran



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