Death has always been something that’s affected me a lot. I don’t deal with death well, and it doesn’t matter who the person is. Whether they were related to me, I heard about their plight through social media/the news, or there was a celebrity death.

Another thing I don’t deal well with is the loss of an innocent life at the hand of violence. Specifically gun related violence or incidents. Gun violence has always been a trigger for me. Guns terrify me and while I can bear with them in movies, seeing SWAT teams outside our train stations to catch criminals, with their rifles concealed but still visible makes me shudder. Seeing the army officials at every domestic and international Indian airport patrolling entrances with their M4A1 assault rifles terrifies me. I’ve never been near a modern day gun, nor have I been involved in an incident (and I pray that I never do). But guns have always terrified me.

I’m writing this post on autopilot. It’s been 18 hours since I was informed of the passing of Christina Grimmie, Voice 2014 winner, youtube star and angel. And I don’t think I’ll never recover. Like all musicians, Christina Grimmie told stories with her word and voice. I remember the first time I heard her voice, when she covered Nelly’s Just a Dream with Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider. It was then that I continually looked forward to her new content, her new music and her new covers. And to think that a young life, who was just beginning to fathom her success, was so cruelly taken away from us at the hands of a monster wielding a gun makes me sick to my stomach.

In light of yet another tragedy at the hands of gun violence, I write this post as a plea to the American people to reconsider their stances on gun laws. I write this as a plea for the American government to consider stepping away from their outdated 2nd amendment and look at the amount of tragedy being inflicted daily. Christina Grimmie’s story was publicised because she has an element of media power. But there are countless deaths at the hands of guns daily in America. More than 30 innocent lives are taken by the barrel of a gun every day in America. I write this post as a plea for society to understand that amendments created over 200 years ago cannot govern modern society.

How many more lives will have to be lost in order for Americans to understand that there’s a difference between owning a weapon for security, and misusing a weapon. No longer are guns owned as a means of security. Rather, they’re an abuse of constitutional power and fall into the wrong hands.

How many more lives will have to be sacrificed at the end of a barrel of a gun for sadistic pleasure? How many more lives are going to be lost because individuals who shouldn’t be in possession of weapons, or let out in general society, are roaming free with the intent of murder and crime, or the fact that if they’re committing suicide, others should die along with their plight?

I can’t stress the fear that wracks my body every time I’m informed of another gun related incidence in America. I fear for my cousins, my family and my friends who live in a country that’s so forward and so backward. Because I wouldn’t know what to do if I woke to the news that there had been a shooting in a university that my cousins attend. Or a shooting in a hometown. Or a shooting at a concert or event.

When is society going to learn that more lives can’t be lost, and that something has to be done about gun laws in America. This is no longer a matter of your constitutional power. Instead, it’s a matter of making sure more innocent lives aren’t lost.

I don’t know what else to say. The emotion is too much. The terror is too much.

xx Simran

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