So it’s been a while since I started this blog. Granted, a lot of my old stuff has either been deleted or hidden cos let’s be real, our beginning content is always embarrassing. But it’s been a while. I started this blog in January 2013 as an exercise in focus and control, to see if I could maintain something and watch it grow. And 3.5 years later, this blog is my baby. It’s a point of satisfaction and meditation for me to blog and interact with the blogging community, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

BUT. That being said, there’s very little concrete material on who I am. You know my name and other basic stuff, some of my hobbies and some of my interests. But it’s all pretty shallow. Nothing really gritty or good that paints a picture of who I am. And maybe I’m getting a little sentimental, but we live in an age where social media presents the perfect, flawless side of us. Not the human side of us. We’re so used to constructing this perfect, aesthetic version of ourselves, that sometimes the reality of who we are is something we struggle to adapt to or fully understand.

So I thought I’d give you something that depicts who I am. Yes my blog posts keep it real AF, but there’s still a lot that gets brushed over in the way I communicate my views, ideas and experiences to the wider community.

Here goes..

Hi (:


 ^^^^^ my face woo yay!

My name is Simran. I’m 18 years old and I’m a proud Gemini (although belief in horoscopy is fickle and for self satisfaction only). I was born in Sydney and I’ve lived here all my life. My parents are first generation immigrants and have Indian origins. I hence identify as an Australian with an Indian heritage. My go to language to communicate in is English because it’s my strongest form of communication. But I can speak and understand Hindi (mum’s mother tongue) and I’m slowly learning Gujarati (dad’s mother tongue). However, I’m shy to speak in Hindi because of the Australian accent that’s served on the side. I love that I can switch so fluidly between two cultures and partake in a heritage that’s so rich with colour, vibrance and tradition.


I’m in my first year of uni, and I’m studying a double degree in economics and commerce. I have plans to major in economics, specialising in macroeconomics, accounting, and business law. My end game is working as an economic consultant in an international firm, and/or running my own business. I like to think that I’m insanely passionate about the work I like doing, and it’s my aspiration to work hard and make a reputable name for myself in an industry that’s booming with every new day. I would love to combine my interest in social media with my field of expertise if given the opportunity.


My interests vary from intense and intellectual topics to fangirling, music and all kinds of sport. I thoroughly enjoy debating, having done just over 9 years of it. It’s fostered my passion for human rights, speaking up for issues I’m passionate about, the news, current affairs and politics. I enjoy being able to have the right to free speech and freedom of expression, but I get that not everyone will share my views, or be willing to see things from the angle I look at them from. I don’t actually have a political stance when it comes to the Australian political system. I’m heavily against the liberal party and their beliefs, but the calibre of our political system could be improved. I’m waiting for the chance to see a young ethnic politician come to lead Australia. That’s when things would get interesting. I also thoroughly love US politics, and having studied it throughout the HSC just made my love for American politics grow. I do identify as a Democrat (obviously).


I enjoy discussions and reading material about feminism, the flaws and successes of our modern society, the inherent rights and freedoms of the underprivileged and minorities (gender, culture and race), human equality and justice, and history, especially Eastern European history, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern history and Asian (mostly Indian) history.


Sport? I was raised as a very active child. It started off by chasing my older sister and following her around like a diligent second in command. I moved into gymnastics and contemporary dance, and picked up athletics. My skill lies in sprinting (100m and 200m are my favourites), and to this day, I’m still shit in field events. I also picked up netball and AFL, before moving into touch footy (the closest I’d get to rugby as I went to an all-girls high school). While I don’t play sport anymore because I’ve basically injured every major part of my body at least once (my physio moved from exasperation to major concern at one point), I still dance and run. Stress relief and enjoyment.


I love watching sport as well. I was born and raised an All Blacks supporter. Ma’a Nonu and Sonny Bill Williams and the whole All Blacks lineup are just <3. Dan Carter, even though he’s now playing for Racing 92 will always be my one and only. I’ve watched every single Bledisloe Cup match since I can remember, and honestly, my men in black over anything really. I also love tennis. I have too many favourites, and seeing Roger Federer live last year basically gave me a heart attack. I can’t even because I have so much respect and adoration for so many tennis players.


Favourite music? If people say music is a representation of one’s personality, then I am a hot mess. My music is everything from club beats to intense romance ballads to heart wrenching breakup songs. My go to artists are The Weeknd, Zayn, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, DNCE, Sam Smith, Sam Tsui, Nathan Sykes, Coldplay, Ciara and Fall Out Boy. I mainly listen to pop/alternative/soul unless I’m working out. If I’m exercising, then my playlist is basically highly energised, hella dirty music people would grind to in a club ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Favourite hobbies? Does checking out cute/hot celebs count? Because that’s a skill that should go on my resume if I’m being completely honest. In my free time, I love to read celebrity biographies and historical fiction. I have a passion for cooking and have recently taken up photography, using both an iPhone 6S plus and a DSLR. YouTube consumes a lot of my time although I only diligently follow Sam Tsui, iisuperwomanii and Shaaanxo. Also travel. Even though I love Sydney with all my heart, I have insane wanderlust, and will actually go crazy if I don’t get out of Sydney at least once a year. Even if it’s just to Melbourne. Change of scenery and people is always good.


Celeb crush list? Oh god this is actually bad. My list is wayyyyyyyyy too long. Too many cute, hot, adorable and sexy celebs out there. Current focus is definitely Matthew Daddario, Harry Shum Jr, Shahid Kapoor, Jack Falahee and Zayn. If I were to list all my celeb crushes, we’d be taking a while. Part of the reason why I watch TV shows is because of the hot cast. It’s a thing.


Talents: Does sass count? I don’t know if I have any talents. I can play the piano? Is that a talent? I’m not as skilled as I used to be, but I can still play. My piece choice has moved from classical to playing songs so I have the excuse to sing along, but when it’s late at night and I can’t sleep, I will always return to Yiruma’s “River Flows in You” to relax and bring inner chill. I love that I’ve kept to music since I started learning, even though I don’t play as regularly as I used to. Music, whether it’s me being legit and playing properly, or just blasting Sexy Back throughout the house and having a one person dance party is so important to me. It’s a form of meditation honestly. And a great way for me to deal with anxiety and the build up of emotion that sometimes overwhelms me.


Go to style: I’m going through a phase of loving jewellery and doing my nails, so my clothing revolves around that. I tend to gravitate towards articles of clothing that can be layered, and are more simplistic in their style. I like having little things like shoes or accessories or a bag really bringing the whole ensemble together. My autumn winter go to is definitely knits/jumpers and skinny jeans or dresses and stockings with boots and a coat and scarf, and an assortment of rings plus my watch and the two gold bracelets that hold sentimental value. Anything that’s comfy to pull on and off as I go from warm rooms to outside temps basically.

Clothing I can’t live without: A good, fitting pair of skinny jeans that makes your ass look fantastic, a leather jacket, a blazer that turns a simple ensemble from casual to formal, and my active wear.

Three things I can’t live without: This is so typical, but I cannot live without my phone (communication with family and friends is a big part of my everyday routine), my earphones and notebook and pen. Those things stay on me at all times, regardless of where I am.

Guilty pleasures: Keeping Up With the Kardashians and home renovation/interior decoration magazines, shows and shops. Never take me to IKEA/Bed, bath and table unless you want a house makeover and an empty bank account. Also luxury cars. My addiction to vehicular couture as I like to refer to it is unhealthy. I have a ridiculously large appreciation for luxury cars, and I could spend hours drooling over the Bugatti I want.


Favourite personal attributes: my perseverance, my loyalty and my dedication. I admire that I don’t beat around the bush when I want something/am giving advice/am talking to people and I admire that I don’t take things for granted. I’m extremely privileged to be able to experience the things I do and live the life I live, and I’m so thankful for that.


Least favourite personal attributes: mild anxiety, lack of self confidence trust issues and the inability to open up very well to people. I tend to come off as cold, bitchy or harsh if someone screws with my trust or loyalty and it’s not exactly the best thing on earth to deal with. I have a shitty poker face, and I cry when I’m angry. It’s so bad.


Things my friends have told me I am: I’m the youngest in the squad. But I am the fairy squad mother, and it’s a role and title I take seriously. I’m sassy and bold and speak my mind. I love that all my friends, regardless of how close we are, feel that they can come and talk to me about anything and can open up and be themselves. Honesty is so important and seeing that from my friends is the best thing. My friends say I’m both spontaneous and very calculating. I think it owes to my personality type, but I love simple gatherings where the squad will convene somewhere and just talk for hours on end. Friends are family and it’s a family I’ll always love being a part of and coming back to, no matter where I am in the world.


Favourite feature on the human body: Eyes. Definitely eyes. I’m a sucker for eyes. They’re the first things I notice in a person I meet, and there is nothing more attractive than a guy holding eye contact with you while they talk. Hot damn.


Things that bring you inner peace: travelling, cooking, going for an intense run and honestly crying it out. I really dislike people seeing me cry. It shows weakness and having to overcome large personal challenges makes me privy to putting up walls, but holy shit, sometimes crying it out just feels really friggin good.


Most attractive things about the opposite sex: So my best friend and I were talking about relationships and boys and how Sydney just does not cut it. And we got onto the topic of what we find attractive in guys. I like honesty and openness. Humour that’s both intellectual and dirty when the time calls for it, and I love it when a guy can hold a smart conversation. Competition is healthy, so going for different sports teams would cause a riot. I love when guys can cook or they help out, and honestly, if my guy spontaneously danced with me in the middle of our living room, I’d just combust. Basically a balance of comfort and excitement in life.


Goals over the course of being 18:

  • Get my red provisional license. I’m still on my learners and I love driving. It might be a power thing, but I love being behind the wheel. And while I’m distraught over the fact that I won’t be driving Magnus (I named the Audi because why not? Fitting name for a gorgeous car), I’m so keen for road trips and sister bonding days and just driving.
  • Experience mosh-pit. Keen AF for Shawn Mendes in November. I’m so excited for his concert I can’t even breathe.
  • Take a photography class
  • Take a cake decorating class
  • Road trip with mates
  • Camp with mates
  • Perfect my Hindi and/or Gujarati
  • Volunteer overseas for the summer
  • Work more
  • Build my resume
  • convince my parents to let me get a tattoo. I’ve wanted a tattoo for a while now. And it isn’t some phase. I want to get something quite significant to me tattooed on my wrist as a reminder of reality and perfectionism and the ups and downs, trials and tribulations we go through. But it’ll take a lot of persuasion.

This is so frigging long I’m sorry. JK I’m not. This is me. 2.2k words of me (:

xx Simran















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