Is this controversial? I don’t know. Maybe. This isn’t a vegan bashing post. Just an opinion from observation.

There’s been a global rise in the amount of plant based eaters in recent years. And by plant based eaters, I mean vegans – those who do not eat or use anything with animal products.

That’s all well and good. Some go vegan because of allergies to food groups. Some go vegan to improve their health. Some go vegan because they want to.

If you are vegan. Good for you. Yay. Don’t expect me to throw you a party though.

What has also accompanied this rise is the need to proclaim your dietary status. And this is where the problem starts.

Our lifestyle choices aren’t things to be announced to the whole world unless they severely impact us. Being a vegan isn’t a gift from god, nor is it life threatening that everyone in your vicinity must know about it. I’m fine for people having diets and lifestyles that don’t incorporate animal products. But don’t preach to me. Please don’t preach to me.

I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat any sort of meat because I’m intolerant. However, I do consume a large amount of dairy in the form of yoghurt because milk and cheese don’t suit me as much, and I’ve begun to consume eggs for protein after growing out of a childhood intolerance to egg white. And honestly speaking, I love my dairy. I love having an omelette for brekkie twice a week if I’m bothered. And I would never be able to survive without dairy because I wouldn’t be able to indulge in the goodness of gulab jamun otherwise. And that would be tragic. In consideration of animal welfare, the eggs that my family purchases are organic, free range eggs as well. The company we buy from has been certified that their chickens are kept well and happy.

What really pisses me off however, is when vegans come to me and lifestyle bash me. They tell me off for consuming dairy and eggs because it’s unethical blah blah blah. You all are entitled to your own opinion, but please don’t police my lifestyle. My diet is the best for my health, and I don’t need you to tell me off. What’s worse is when they either police everyone’s food choices at a place to eat (only vegan dining places allowed) or they make people who eat meat feel bad for doing so.

Stop trying to be the bloody food police. You telling me that it’s unethical to eat honey isn’t going to make me stop and immediately cut out all honey from my diet. What it’s going to do is severely piss me off and then just to spite you, I will buy a 1 litre pot of honey and eat it right in front of you.

Your opinion is your own. Don’t try to change me or my lifestyle. That’s my decision. Not yours.

Next we have the issue of vegans becoming animal rights sirens. It’s like as soon as someone becomes a vegan, they forget that they once consumed a bacon and egg sandwich and now feel the need to broadcast simply horrific videos of animal slaughter ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA to prove how angelic and pure they are because they’re vegan.

We all know animal cruelty exists. It isn’t a recent occurrence. So you posting and clogging my timeline with horrific images and videos won’t do much except for make me throw up, and then block and unfriend you. Animal cruelty isn’t recent, and until 1 year ago, you weren’t frigging vegan. Where was your concern for animals when you were shoving bacon into your mouth like a dehydrated animal? Where was your concern when you bought a 20 pack of nuggets from Maccas cos the deal was so good? It clearly wasn’t there. So now, when you’re vegan, all of a sudden your eyes have opened to the cruelty. What a fking joke. Get a grip on yourself.

Don’t become a preacher and expect all your friends to change when you post these ghastly images because you doing that isn’t going to stop animal cruelty. The fact that you only became aware of cruelty when you became vegan speaks volumes about the shallowness of your argument.

And on this note, there’s a campaign that needs to be stopped.

The dairy industry in Australia is suffering at the hands of Coles and Woolworths. Farmers are suffering and their plight is heart wrenching. What isn’t ok is for vegans to come out with a ludicrous campaign to get rid of our dairy industry and send our farmers to hell. That isn’t even the bloody issue here. The issue at hand is that Coles and Woolworths in their dominance over the industry are underpaying dairy farmers, who are drowning in debt and don’t have enough to feed their families. Stop with your frigging animal cruelty preaches and look at the issue at hand! Yes animal cruelty exists but it isn’t the same issue. Boycotting our farmers won’t do anything to stop cruelty. It’ll crush our economy and ruin Australia. Get a grip on yourselves.

I respect your care for animals but preaching to me by clogging my timeline with horrifying images, sending grotesque images and trying to convert people to a lifestyle won’t do you any good.

Can you just calm the hell down?

It’s our personal choice to choose a lifestyle that suits us. No one has the right to force anyone into a lifestyle, and therefore, it isn’t cool for you to hate and preach all the frigging time. I respect your decision and your passion to stop animal cruelty but there is a limit. Shares on facebook won’t stop cruelty let’s be real.

And let me reiterate. This isn’t a vegan bashing post even though it sounds a lot like it. This is just a little bit of pent up frustration in an opinion. Our lifestyles are our own choices. No one can convert us. Preaching does nothing and please for the love of God, calm the hell down.

I’ll respect you and your lifestyle if it doesn’t impede on my choices and my lifestyle.

xx Simran

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