When the best thing about the abysmal 2016 federal budget (not sure what’s happening there) is Leigh Sales grilling and roasting Treasurer Scott Morrison on 7:30.

This is the fate of Auspol. And it’s a recurring motif with our budgets now. Leigh Sales has to be my favourite Australian journalist. She orchestrated the biggest roasting of Joe Hockey last year. Our economics class had a viewing party and were investigated by the principal because our howls of laughter were reverberating through the first floor of D Block. Apparently we were having too much fun :/

View the roasting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdCC1g2GfPQ

Leigh Sales is so wonderful to watch. Especially when she’s roasting the liberals on national television. It’s gotten to the point where Prime Minister Turnbull feels offended by her apparent aggression, claiming that it becomes an opinion when she’s so cut throat and has told her to tone it down to a more “respectable and docile” level of journalism. Because his mansplaining clearly had no impact on Leigh Sales, who continued in her slay all day way to roast him. Don’t you love when politicians feel the need to attack good journalists who

BUT THAT BEING SAID, if watching Leigh Sales do her post budget interview with the treasurer is my favourite part of budget night, that must indicate how shockingly tragic the budget is. In particular, I love how there are going to be further cuts to health and education (two prime industries in an economy and nation) because why not. University fees will continue to be deregulated, and the abolishment of HECS, while left unaddressed, doesn’t indicate that it still isn’t a pawn on the political chess board. With further cuts to funding for higher and tertiary education, universities will be allowed to set their own fee packages. Degrees that already cost a lot more then they should will just increase, causing more issues for students because the means to pay will become more difficult unless everyone gets a well paying job (which mind you, rarely happens while you’re in uni) and they don’t feel like their purchasing power has decreased. And if you’re an international student, you may as well give your bank account to the university because by the end of your degree, you’ll have a huge debt.

While I could easily write a 5k analysis of the federal budget for 2016, let’s leave it here. Anxiety at 8am due to Auspol never did anything good for anyone.

Yay for more tragedy.

xx Simran



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