In nature

We travel, not to escape life; but for life to not escape us.

9:00 am sharp. It’s 15 degrees outside. The Audi is packed. The road trip playlist is already blasting. We have a stash of the best snacks with us in the back seat. We’re decked in Autumn-winter beauty: Ponchos, gorgeous knits, jeans, gold jewellery and boots. We’re ready to party hard all the way to the Blue Mountains for our biannual escape to Mount Tomah.

Every time I return to Mount Tomah, I fall more and more in love with the place. It isn’t just about the nature, the tutti fruitti ice cream or the best alcoholic cider I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s about the sense of serenity I gain. It’s about the peace and calm and innate beauty that comes back to remind me that there is so much beauty and perfection in our world. We just have to go searching for it.

*all photos taken with an iPhone 6S plus. There’s something satisfying about capturing beauty with the touch of your finger. While I love my DSLR to bits, and my canon is my baby, learning to capture good quality images on an iPhone has brought an immense amount of satisfaction*


After going through hell with my health and midsemester exams, this escape was so worth everything. All we needed was our family, good food and the want to go and find ourselves in nature.

Withdrawals from paradise are real.

xx Simran

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