In nature

We travel, not to escape life; but for life to not escape us. 9:00 am sharp. It’s 15 degrees outside. The Audi is packed. The road trip playlist is already blasting. We have a stash of the best snacks with us in the back seat. We’re decked in Autumn-winter beauty: Ponchos, gorgeous knits, jeans, gold […]


   Traveling leaves us speechless, and then turns us into the world’s greatest storytellers.  Seeing this glorious sunset outside my window as I study for my mid-semester exams is doing nothing to curb my wanderlust. July and South Africa cannot come fast enough.  xx Simran 

An organic fruit market assembled itself in my breakfast bowl

It’s exam season. Well mid-semester exam season. And I’m flooded with accounting, economic statistics, microeconomics (my love), and the bane of my existence – the most pathetic course I’ve had to undertake: management (rant post about the education system coming soon. During exams, my body does this thing where it drinks incessant amounts of hot […]