Oodles of Zoodles

Cooking is the biggest form of therapy and procrastination for me. Especially when you’re cooking and you’ve banished the rest of the family to their rooms so you can blast music and dance around. So much relaxation. Today, I was feeling a little bit blergh. In the midst of doing too much work, I’ve been…

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In nature

We travel, not to escape life; but for life to not escape us. 9:00 am sharp. It’s 15 degrees outside. The Audi is packed. The road trip playlist is already blasting. We have a stash of the best snacks with us in the back seat. We’re decked in Autumn-winter beauty: Ponchos, gorgeous knits, jeans, gold…

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   Traveling leaves us speechless, and then turns us into the world’s greatest storytellers.  Seeing this glorious sunset outside my window as I study for my mid-semester exams is doing nothing to curb my wanderlust. July and South Africa cannot come fast enough.  xx Simran 

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The rant life is real

It’s 2016. When are people going to grow the hell up and realise that publishing hate on social media does nothing more then proclaim that they are bigoted, narrow minded assholes who have nothing more to do then throw bullshit on someone else’s happiness because they lead such boring and unfulfilling lives.  It breaks my…

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Forget about a massage or sleeping in because my whole life is in need of some TLC right now. 

– a university student burrowed under an avalanche of work 

( ಠ ಠ )

*More rants about politics in Australia because why not? What more do I have to lose, apart from stable healthcare, solid education and all of Australia’s resource companies? Oh and over half my income?* If you don’t like my views, don’t read. And please don’t tell me about it either! Please and thank you (:…

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//V I B E//

It occurred to me today, that nothing is truly hidden from the world. Nothing is truly hidden from our eyes and our minds.       The smiles and the expressions; the beauty behind the chaos. All of it could be muted, hidden and grey, but our eyes would still highlight our inhibitions, our fears, our sorrows,…

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