There are nine things that I constantly need in my life to be happy:

Single origin coffee – my preference is Guatemalan or Ecuadorian single origin coffee

The ingredients for my various cups of custom blend black tea mixtures throughout the year

The occasional glass of red wine (though I’m up for trying Moscato, I adore Baileys, I want to try Amaretto and spiked warm apple cider in winter is heavenly – I basically need a cellar stocked with the good, expensive stuff. And no, I’m not an alcoholic. I was raised by parents who believe in experience to ensure both daughters know how to handle alcohol as a treat, not as a social peer pressure mechanism)

my hot mess playlist that I swear by. Who else would I blast around the house if it weren’t for Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd or Zayn (God bless his new album. I’m in love) ?

My closest mates and family duh. Although, using Jung’s personality describers, extroversion is my conscious personality, there are times where I need just one person with me because I feel drained by society or crowds :/ While I love to socialise, I’ll never truly be myself unless I’m with my closest friends or my immediate family (my parents and sister). I also hate crowds/crowded places.

The ability to travel around Australia/overseas at least once per year: I’ve been blessed with the ability to do this and it is honestly the best thing in life. 2016 is shaping up to be one of the more adventurous years because I’m spending two and a bit weeks in South Africa in July. I’m so bloody excited. I can barely breathe.

The income to fund my vegetarian and organic lifestyle. I was born a fussy eater, and I think I’ll remain a fussy eater for the rest of my life. And no, the vegetarian life isn’t because I’m Indian or because I’m a Hindu. I have a meat intolerance which was tested when I was younger. And to date, if I consume meat, I will throw up and it is not a fun experience. Being vegetarian is fun though. I get to experiment with my food and I love being able to create meals on the go. And also, the combination of eggs, mushrooms, spinach and avocado makes me weep with joy. I could survive on those 4 ingredients if I had to. And I’d be getting all the good fats, necessary calories, iron, zinc, vitamin E, B12 and A.

A musical instrument in my vicinity at all times. I crave the feeling of being near Casper, my acoustic guitar or Oliver, the family piano (Yes I name my instruments. Who doesn’t give their prized possessions names though?). And it is a goal one day to own an A-188 Steinway. Not a dream. A goal.

A sense of purpose and determination. There is nothing I hate more in myself, and in others, then seeing idleness or lack of will to do something. There’s a distinction between procrastination and being a lazy arse, and I despise people who have no motivation or passion or drive. I am a champion procrastinator (I binged 2 seasons of prison break over 4 days to avoid doing an assessment) but I know my limit and as soon as the determination kicks in, I will be at it and I will not stop until my task at hand is done. I also think, that due to the mild anxiety I have, I hate the feeling of a deadline pressuring me to do my work, the night before an assessment is due. To date, I’ve never pulled an all nighter to do an assessment and I’m proud of that.

And finally, someone who knows how to keep intellectual/stimulating conversation going. While it’s all well and good to trash talk and fangirl and spend hours talking about our favourite sports players or actors, I crave conversations where there’s a healthy level of debate to keep it interesting. I love being able to talk to someone about a political issue or a social concern and be able to gauge their perspective on the topic. It’s one of my favourite things about myself and about others who I meet.

Who said being material made you a bad person? There’s a difference between being consumed by materialistic want and having material things in our lives. And yes, I  attempt to live a less material life, but sometimes that isn’t possible :/ (I’m a teenager living in the first world. It isn’t always easy). And before you judge the list above, or me as a person, the nine things I’ve listed up there aren’t just things that make me happy. They’re things or people I seek comfort in and are things of safety for me.

If I were to pick one that’s a safety blanket for me, it’d be travelling. As much as I’m a homebody and as much as I love the comfort of Sydney and my room and the places I know, throughout the year, I itch to get out of Sydney. I’ve been so blessed throughout life because my parents have taken us to so many wonderful places. Travelling always renews my sense of purpose and my love for life. It takes me out of the regular and into unfamiliar territory and that for me is the biggest safety blanket. I’m away from people who know me and I can truly be myself. Whether it be walking down Hosier Lane in Melbourne, or going to an entirely new place all together, I can’t live without travelling.

A little materialism never hurt happiness. As long as the materialism wasn’t the sole purpose for happiness.

xx Simran

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Big dreams often come in small frames.

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