Today was stressful. I know I shouldn’t complain because I only have 12 online hours at uni per week and some people have 30, but in between compulsory classes, meetings with professors and a migraine that wouldn’t quit, I’m allowed to say that today was a little stressful. 

So coming home to the kitchen smelling of roasted, herbed garlic, a hot oven and dry toasted almonds was heaven.

Today there were no parents at home. And so my sister decided to cook for me because she knew how exhausted I was. 

And she made the most delicious soup I’ve ever encountered. A simple dish that went a long way. Light yet creamy. Simplistic yet so full of flavour. 

Tonight, we had a creamy broccoli and herbed onion soup infused with roast almonds and topped with homemade oregano and chilli infused croutons. 

I’m in a foodie’s heaven. One shouldn’t be off put by the intense green of the soup because the taste is so wonderful and warming and uplifting and gah. No words. 

Sister goals AF. With a very blessed and happy little sister. Love you didi 😙

xx Simran 

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