What is it about me?

These ‘ideas’ have come about from quite a few conversations that I’ve had with new friends, class mates, lecture mates and just people around uni.

I graduated from North Sydney Girls High. A selective, all girls public high school, that I am proud to say is the best all girls public school in the state. From years of debating, watching the news daily and reading the paper, I’ve garnered interests in politics, both Australian and global, economics (duh because I’m going into the Economics field by profession. This is sort of a no brainer), and a myriad of social issues such as gender equality, racial equality and racism as a whole. Just to name a few.

And as a result of these “intellectual” interests, I do enjoy having discussions about the idiocy of certain political figures and their actions. I’m passionate about human rights and equality for all. I love understanding more about the global economic condition, and am always ready to listen and discuss things like the reevaluation of China’s 5 year plans.

But that being said, I’m also a massive celeb junkie. I love my celebrities. My male celeb crush list is probably 10 times longer then the amount of songs in my current playlist. I love fashion, make up and anything beauty related. I’m also a huge sports fan. Mainly rugby union and tennis, but I love watching soccer, basketball and have recently gotten into NFL (though the sport is seemingly pathetic in the eyes of an avid rugby fan). So don’t get me wrong. If you want to get into a discussion about why the All Blacks are incredible, and why Dan Carter is the best player the rugby community has seen, I’m all up for it. I will trash talk you. I am competitive AF and to date, have won 90% of my bets against friends who test my loyalty to the All Blacks during Bledisloe Season.

So why do I get this awed/confused/intimidated expression whenever people realise that I go beyond shallow to talk about the real stuff?

I’ve been told I’m intimidating because I come from NSG. That isn’t true. We aren’t some alien species. We’re just like everyone else. I just enjoy intellectual discussion because I’ve been brought up in an environment, both at home and in school, where mental growth and development is recognised by being able to understand real world issues. I’m quite offended when people react to me saying I’m from NSG like it’s some sort of status symbol. Yes I’m proud of the recognition my school carries with it. But chill. I don’t think it’s a level of social superiority to judge how intense I am based on the educational institution I came from.

I’ve been told that it’s strange for a girl to be into politics but also be into fashion. And don’t even get me started on the reactions from new friends when they see that I’m a hardcore All Blacks supporter. And a massive Federer supporter. Actually the list goes on. But, I’ll also freak out and fangirl over Conrad Ricamora and Justin Timberlake (just to name two).

So I’m a little confused. Are guys intimidated by girls who don’t flounce around, and have the mental capacity to talk about more then just the latest NARS foundation?

Because if I’m being honest, I think it’s really attractive when a guy knows how to hold a smart, intellectual conversation with me. I think it’s hot when a guy isn’t afraid to challenge or keep a convo going about real world issues. In fact, in that mental list we all have about what we want in our significant others, a guy being able to have a witty, intellectual conversation with me when the time calls for it is near the top of my list. And just to continue this, I would live for my future boyfriend not having the same favourite sports players/teams as me. Because isn’t that what keeps it interesting?

So to frame it into one question, are guys intimidated by girls who possess the mental capacity to talk about more then just fashion and cute shoes? 

food for thought on a stormy Sydney night? Probably.

xx Simran


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