Am I taking a holiday on my desk or doing my work? I ask the important questions here. 

Eternal state of work-life confusion fuelled by country road X tortoise shell, statistical economics that makes me want to throw myself out the window, and finally: the fact that my playlist goes from Conrad Ricamora crooning in ‘I have dreamed’ – possibly one of the most romantic Broadway songs I’ve ever heard, to Usher’s ‘Lil Freak’ – one of the dirtiest yet most addictive songs to listen to- REAL FAST GODDAMN. Music is obviously a representation of oneself. And clearly my playlist signifies that I am a hot mess because I’m going from romance and drama and emotion to songs that bring out the inner wild child because there is no way I’m gonna sit still when Justin timberlake’s ‘future sex/love sounds’ blasts through my earphones while I attempt to do my tutorial questions and write an essay. But then again we go all the way back down and suddenly I’m contemplating about my non existent love life thanks to Ed Sheeran. 

I make great life and musical decisions. 

We’re steadily moving ahead in 2016. It’s still hot as shit in Sydney. And I’m up here mournfully eyeing the leather jacket and cute winter clothes I have, while I melt. Life isn’t fair. My cousin up in Michigan is waiting for the day he has some warm weather and here I am becoming a puddle. Lord why would anyone want the heat? 

Today’s a pretty good day. Exercised. Studied. Took a nap in the blessing of an airconditioner. Regardless of the anxiety and panic I went through this week at uni, and of course the consistent thought of someone on my mind (to talk or not to talk) , I’m feeling pretty damn great about myself. I’m bloody proud of that. 

Summer you were cute and all, but you can leave now. Autumn! Bae where you at? 


Life is a little chaotic. 

xx Simran 

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