Just work things 

At the realisation that I start work again today, my face was this: 

But then I realised I’m getting experience which looks fantastic on my résumé, I am learning corporate skills that employers look for in current university students and graduates when we apply for internships, and I’m getting paid. 

No it isn’t about the money, but pay is good. I’m earning over the minimum age and I’m not even an adult yet. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

I actually missed working. It’s a benefit for me to be working in an industry where I will be employed in the future. While I don’t plan on going into finance or accounting, I do intend on majoring in economics and international business with a minor in either global finance or management and any experience in a corporate environment is a major plus point. I want to ultimately work in economic policy advisory or as an international consultant in economic matters. But starting off here at work while I’m in first year is definitely a bonus. It teaches me work/life balance because I’m balancing work with uni and studying, as well as my slowly growing social life 🦄👌🏼

So yay for work! 

xx Simran 

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