There are nine things that I constantly need in my life to be happy: Single origin coffee - my preference is Guatemalan or Ecuadorian single origin coffee The ingredients for my various cups of custom blend black tea mixtures throughout the year The occasional glass of red wine (though I'm up for trying Moscato, I adore Baileys, … Continue reading Things


Today was stressful. I know I shouldn't complain because I only have 12 online hours at uni per week and some people have 30, but in between compulsory classes, meetings with professors and a migraine that wouldn't quit, I'm allowed to say that today was a little stressful.  So coming home to the kitchen smelling … Continue reading Feast 


Fear is my biggest motivator and my biggest bully.  And I wish it would stop. And leave. And never come back.  The complete 180 from having a good day to having a bad day is summarised by the irrational fears surrounding me, and the resulting anxiety and hyperventilation that I stifled so no one would … Continue reading Fear


   Am I taking a holiday on my desk or doing my work? I ask the important questions here.  Eternal state of work-life confusion fuelled by country road X tortoise shell, statistical economics that makes me want to throw myself out the window, and finally: the fact that my playlist goes from Conrad Ricamora crooning … Continue reading 🙊🙈🙃