political controversy

Everyday, our political system does something that makes me want to leave Australia and move to Canada.

This is controversial. If you don’t like Australian politics, my views about the Liberal party, education and rights etc, please don’t read and don’t comment on this post. 

In breaking news today, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled his newest masterpiece to screw up our society a little more. On top of a clear two-tier tax system that will disguise all the funding cuts to health and education by saying that states who fund for themselves are more responsible with the money, Mr Turnbull has decided that the government will stop supporting public school education, while continuing to provide support for private school education.


The whole proposal is based around states raising income tax rates so they can raise their own revenue, and hence stop withdrawing from the federal government’s ATM like dehydrated zebras at a waterhole.

Mr Turnbull has proposed that the federal government cut back on public school funding, to let states run the show and raise revenue for themselves. How well a state earns revenue, and how much of it is efficiently earned through taxation will therefore determine how much funding public schools get. And in the meanwhile, our private school siblings who pay in excess of $30,000 per year in fees will continue to be supported by the government, because they’re in dire need of more money that the state governments won’t provide due to a supposed public school vs private school competition going on.

This is a complete reversal of what the Gonski reform set out to achieve, by making our schools equal across the nation, regardless of the amount of money paid by its students, or its location.

As a student who graduated from a public school, I’m frankly pissed off that Mr Turnbull has the audacity to even go near one of the most important sectors of our economy.

Mr Turnbull needs to stop treating our economy and our nation like an economics textbook. The question of supply and demand isn’t as simple when there are so many agents in an economy, and when there are so many factors that influence and affect our decision making. And here’s why:

Mr Turnbull is coming out with these half baked tax plans as a solution to the vertical fiscal imbalance in our economy – the government raises revenue, which is eaten up by the states. and all this money goes into bad decisions which creates this cycle of misfortune.

However, the federal government isn’t the only government tier raising revenue. States have budgets, targets and ratings that they have to process every year. States raise revenue for the creation of infrastructure, the betterment of our education systems on all levels and the improvement of our healthcare system. States aren’t blind to the needs of the people. Premiers realise that if there is a way to effectively deliver education, health and infrastructure, then taxation such as payroll tax will be reduced.

So if tax revenue was state determined, and the amount of revenue garnered determined how successful education was in a state, there would be chaos. Because there is nothing more sinful in a voter’s mind, then the thought of taxes rising. 

Decisions can’t be determined by treating a nation like an economics principle. If states determined tax rates, I would move to the state with the lowest tax rates. Why? Because I want as much of my hard earned money as I can. But if that meant that services like health and education were suffering, I would end up in this dilemma of “do I want to pay more so my child can have a good public school education?”.

In hindsight, this proposal that Mr Turnbull has come up with is just a way to see which state is the most successful in creating better services but ensuring there is no migration to another state because of the taxation rate.

And coming back to my main point of irritation, cutting funding from public school education is just driving Australia further and further into hell, because children who can’t afford/don’t attend private schools will fall back on no development and support if the state government can’t perform and raise revenue efficiently.

Education isn’t a game Mr Turnbull. Stop treating education like one. My education is important. And it shouldn’t matter whether I go to a public or a private school. All schools, regardless of sector should be equal. Public schools should be supported through funding to provide the same resources and development as their private school counterparts.

If there is a funding issue, find ways to efficiently and effectively raise more revenue without impeding on the rights of our future generations, blaming it on vertical fiscal imbalance and putting tax payer money in areas it doesn’t belong. Find effective and efficient ways to reduce spending in areas that aren’t as relevant to Australian society. Don’t play around with the future of Australian and their education.

I want to move to Canada. I want a young Prime Minister. And I want this trend of having private school educated, Oxford educated old white men as Australian Prime Ministers stopped.

Don’t touch education. It’s the lifeline of our future. Our future leaders, doctors, engineers, decision makers. It’s the single most important factor in our success.

xx Simran



//INDIA////SUMMER “16//




My summer was so perfect. I immersed myself in my heritage and learnt so much about myself, my culture and the heritage I’m so blessed to possess. India, life me on to your majestic back and let me ride through the intricate history and culture that makes me who I am.

I’ve decided to properly document my travels. Finally. These are some of my favourite photos of me being touristy in my home away from home. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone (:

xx Simran


There are nine things that I constantly need in my life to be happy:

Single origin coffee – my preference is Guatemalan or Ecuadorian single origin coffee

The ingredients for my various cups of custom blend black tea mixtures throughout the year

The occasional glass of red wine (though I’m up for trying Moscato, I adore Baileys, I want to try Amaretto and spiked warm apple cider in winter is heavenly – I basically need a cellar stocked with the good, expensive stuff. And no, I’m not an alcoholic. I was raised by parents who believe in experience to ensure both daughters know how to handle alcohol as a treat, not as a social peer pressure mechanism)

my hot mess playlist that I swear by. Who else would I blast around the house if it weren’t for Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd or Zayn (God bless his new album. I’m in love) ?

My closest mates and family duh. Although, using Jung’s personality describers, extroversion is my conscious personality, there are times where I need just one person with me because I feel drained by society or crowds :/ While I love to socialise, I’ll never truly be myself unless I’m with my closest friends or my immediate family (my parents and sister). I also hate crowds/crowded places.

The ability to travel around Australia/overseas at least once per year: I’ve been blessed with the ability to do this and it is honestly the best thing in life. 2016 is shaping up to be one of the more adventurous years because I’m spending two and a bit weeks in South Africa in July. I’m so bloody excited. I can barely breathe.

The income to fund my vegetarian and organic lifestyle. I was born a fussy eater, and I think I’ll remain a fussy eater for the rest of my life. And no, the vegetarian life isn’t because I’m Indian or because I’m a Hindu. I have a meat intolerance which was tested when I was younger. And to date, if I consume meat, I will throw up and it is not a fun experience. Being vegetarian is fun though. I get to experiment with my food and I love being able to create meals on the go. And also, the combination of eggs, mushrooms, spinach and avocado makes me weep with joy. I could survive on those 4 ingredients if I had to. And I’d be getting all the good fats, necessary calories, iron, zinc, vitamin E, B12 and A.

A musical instrument in my vicinity at all times. I crave the feeling of being near Casper, my acoustic guitar or Oliver, the family piano (Yes I name my instruments. Who doesn’t give their prized possessions names though?). And it is a goal one day to own an A-188 Steinway. Not a dream. A goal.

A sense of purpose and determination. There is nothing I hate more in myself, and in others, then seeing idleness or lack of will to do something. There’s a distinction between procrastination and being a lazy arse, and I despise people who have no motivation or passion or drive. I am a champion procrastinator (I binged 2 seasons of prison break over 4 days to avoid doing an assessment) but I know my limit and as soon as the determination kicks in, I will be at it and I will not stop until my task at hand is done. I also think, that due to the mild anxiety I have, I hate the feeling of a deadline pressuring me to do my work, the night before an assessment is due. To date, I’ve never pulled an all nighter to do an assessment and I’m proud of that.

And finally, someone who knows how to keep intellectual/stimulating conversation going. While it’s all well and good to trash talk and fangirl and spend hours talking about our favourite sports players or actors, I crave conversations where there’s a healthy level of debate to keep it interesting. I love being able to talk to someone about a political issue or a social concern and be able to gauge their perspective on the topic. It’s one of my favourite things about myself and about others who I meet.

Who said being material made you a bad person? There’s a difference between being consumed by materialistic want and having material things in our lives. And yes, I  attempt to live a less material life, but sometimes that isn’t possible :/ (I’m a teenager living in the first world. It isn’t always easy). And before you judge the list above, or me as a person, the nine things I’ve listed up there aren’t just things that make me happy. They’re things or people I seek comfort in and are things of safety for me.

If I were to pick one that’s a safety blanket for me, it’d be travelling. As much as I’m a homebody and as much as I love the comfort of Sydney and my room and the places I know, throughout the year, I itch to get out of Sydney. I’ve been so blessed throughout life because my parents have taken us to so many wonderful places. Travelling always renews my sense of purpose and my love for life. It takes me out of the regular and into unfamiliar territory and that for me is the biggest safety blanket. I’m away from people who know me and I can truly be myself. Whether it be walking down Hosier Lane in Melbourne, or going to an entirely new place all together, I can’t live without travelling.

A little materialism never hurt happiness. As long as the materialism wasn’t the sole purpose for happiness.

xx Simran

Just Australian things

When you realise you’ll be 18 before this year’s election date, so you have to register to vote. But you don’t want to vote for either Labor or Liberal, because let’s be real here, you’re sick and tired of old white men (for the most part) governing a young nation.

Although there is so much drama associated with the US election, and actually getting to the main part of the election between your democratic front runner and your republican front runner, at least America has the freedom to get people who aren’t already in parliament, in the lower house, and in the political spotlight day after day, to have a chance to run for president.

But aussie elections are a lot more calm that being said.

I’m considering Donkey voting this year, because I would never live with myself if I knew I also helped get the Liberals in power for another year. Imagine more cuts to education. More stupid enquiries into systems that make society safe for communities. That doesn’t sit well with me.

I really want a young prime minister. Someone who’s born in the late 70s or early 80s. Someone who gets everyone’s struggles and can associate with all age groups. Imagine how good that would be.

Honestly, the NSGHS class of 2015 should come together and represent themselves as one person in a political party. We’d actually run Australia well.

xx Simran

Eternal confusion

In a state of eternal confusion because I’m treating myself to a brekkie that isn’t blended into a smoothie, but I have a 15% assessment due next Thursday 🙃

Mmm raspberries, fresh avocado and a spiced simple omelet with sautéed chilli infused mushroom and red onion. So good. And of course a cup of custom blend spice tea (today I added tulsi, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and a tiny bit of mint) to warm me up. 

Sunday’s looking pretty rad. 

xx Simran 


Today was stressful. I know I shouldn’t complain because I only have 12 online hours at uni per week and some people have 30, but in between compulsory classes, meetings with professors and a migraine that wouldn’t quit, I’m allowed to say that today was a little stressful. 

So coming home to the kitchen smelling of roasted, herbed garlic, a hot oven and dry toasted almonds was heaven.

Today there were no parents at home. And so my sister decided to cook for me because she knew how exhausted I was. 

And she made the most delicious soup I’ve ever encountered. A simple dish that went a long way. Light yet creamy. Simplistic yet so full of flavour. 

Tonight, we had a creamy broccoli and herbed onion soup infused with roast almonds and topped with homemade oregano and chilli infused croutons. 

I’m in a foodie’s heaven. One shouldn’t be off put by the intense green of the soup because the taste is so wonderful and warming and uplifting and gah. No words. 

Sister goals AF. With a very blessed and happy little sister. Love you didi 😙

xx Simran 

What is it about me?

These ‘ideas’ have come about from quite a few conversations that I’ve had with new friends, class mates, lecture mates and just people around uni.

I graduated from North Sydney Girls High. A selective, all girls public high school, that I am proud to say is the best all girls public school in the state. From years of debating, watching the news daily and reading the paper, I’ve garnered interests in politics, both Australian and global, economics (duh because I’m going into the Economics field by profession. This is sort of a no brainer), and a myriad of social issues such as gender equality, racial equality and racism as a whole. Just to name a few.

And as a result of these “intellectual” interests, I do enjoy having discussions about the idiocy of certain political figures and their actions. I’m passionate about human rights and equality for all. I love understanding more about the global economic condition, and am always ready to listen and discuss things like the reevaluation of China’s 5 year plans.

But that being said, I’m also a massive celeb junkie. I love my celebrities. My male celeb crush list is probably 10 times longer then the amount of songs in my current playlist. I love fashion, make up and anything beauty related. I’m also a huge sports fan. Mainly rugby union and tennis, but I love watching soccer, basketball and have recently gotten into NFL (though the sport is seemingly pathetic in the eyes of an avid rugby fan). So don’t get me wrong. If you want to get into a discussion about why the All Blacks are incredible, and why Dan Carter is the best player the rugby community has seen, I’m all up for it. I will trash talk you. I am competitive AF and to date, have won 90% of my bets against friends who test my loyalty to the All Blacks during Bledisloe Season.

So why do I get this awed/confused/intimidated expression whenever people realise that I go beyond shallow to talk about the real stuff?

I’ve been told I’m intimidating because I come from NSG. That isn’t true. We aren’t some alien species. We’re just like everyone else. I just enjoy intellectual discussion because I’ve been brought up in an environment, both at home and in school, where mental growth and development is recognised by being able to understand real world issues. I’m quite offended when people react to me saying I’m from NSG like it’s some sort of status symbol. Yes I’m proud of the recognition my school carries with it. But chill. I don’t think it’s a level of social superiority to judge how intense I am based on the educational institution I came from.

I’ve been told that it’s strange for a girl to be into politics but also be into fashion. And don’t even get me started on the reactions from new friends when they see that I’m a hardcore All Blacks supporter. And a massive Federer supporter. Actually the list goes on. But, I’ll also freak out and fangirl over Conrad Ricamora and Justin Timberlake (just to name two).

So I’m a little confused. Are guys intimidated by girls who don’t flounce around, and have the mental capacity to talk about more then just the latest NARS foundation?

Because if I’m being honest, I think it’s really attractive when a guy knows how to hold a smart, intellectual conversation with me. I think it’s hot when a guy isn’t afraid to challenge or keep a convo going about real world issues. In fact, in that mental list we all have about what we want in our significant others, a guy being able to have a witty, intellectual conversation with me when the time calls for it is near the top of my list. And just to continue this, I would live for my future boyfriend not having the same favourite sports players/teams as me. Because isn’t that what keeps it interesting?

So to frame it into one question, are guys intimidated by girls who possess the mental capacity to talk about more then just fashion and cute shoes? 

food for thought on a stormy Sydney night? Probably.

xx Simran



Fear is my biggest motivator and my biggest bully. 

And I wish it would stop. And leave. And never come back. 

The complete 180 from having a good day to having a bad day is summarised by the irrational fears surrounding me, and the resulting anxiety and hyperventilation that I stifled so no one would hear. 

I can’t fight my battles and prove my worth when I’m consistently being knocked back by fear. I hate it so much. 

Please just stop. 

xx Simran 


Am I taking a holiday on my desk or doing my work? I ask the important questions here. 

Eternal state of work-life confusion fuelled by country road X tortoise shell, statistical economics that makes me want to throw myself out the window, and finally: the fact that my playlist goes from Conrad Ricamora crooning in ‘I have dreamed’ – possibly one of the most romantic Broadway songs I’ve ever heard, to Usher’s ‘Lil Freak’ – one of the dirtiest yet most addictive songs to listen to- REAL FAST GODDAMN. Music is obviously a representation of oneself. And clearly my playlist signifies that I am a hot mess because I’m going from romance and drama and emotion to songs that bring out the inner wild child because there is no way I’m gonna sit still when Justin timberlake’s ‘future sex/love sounds’ blasts through my earphones while I attempt to do my tutorial questions and write an essay. But then again we go all the way back down and suddenly I’m contemplating about my non existent love life thanks to Ed Sheeran. 

I make great life and musical decisions. 

We’re steadily moving ahead in 2016. It’s still hot as shit in Sydney. And I’m up here mournfully eyeing the leather jacket and cute winter clothes I have, while I melt. Life isn’t fair. My cousin up in Michigan is waiting for the day he has some warm weather and here I am becoming a puddle. Lord why would anyone want the heat? 

Today’s a pretty good day. Exercised. Studied. Took a nap in the blessing of an airconditioner. Regardless of the anxiety and panic I went through this week at uni, and of course the consistent thought of someone on my mind (to talk or not to talk) , I’m feeling pretty damn great about myself. I’m bloody proud of that. 

Summer you were cute and all, but you can leave now. Autumn! Bae where you at? 


Life is a little chaotic. 

xx Simran