I feel like half my generation needs to go on a cleanse because y’all are hot messes. My snap stories are polluted with videos and images of people ruining their livers and lungs day after day. Yeh, being fresh into uni is the time to party. Hell I love a good party (when it’s with good company though) but seriously, do you not have any concern for your lungs and livers? They’re gonna carry you til we’re 100 because let’s be real, the age of death is steadily rising.

I feel like every time I look at people I know “living it up”, I feel like I need to shower and go on a juice cleanse because their actions pollute my social media and therefore, they pollute me. No I don’t need to see your squad getting wrecked. That isn’t squad goals honey. And please, there is an art to looking hot AF with all your goods tucked away.

Generation Z needs to reevaluate. Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong generation because while I’m impulsive and love having fun or hanging with my mates, I like to do it in a way where I’m not damaging myself. And anyway, didn’t people learn that alcohol, like chocolate or other nice things should be enjoyed like a treat so you actually savour the taste of what you’re drinking?


xx Simran

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