25 years

25 years. 300 months. It’s a long time for anything. A long time in life, well at least from my still innocent(ish) 17 year old perspective. It’s a long time in every shape and form.

It’s definitely a long time for commitment. It’s a timeline that keeps going. A period where love and emotion and mutual experience keep on growing and influencing the ways in which people lead their lives. Together.

I’m writing this post about 6 hours early because I won’t have time tomorrow in all the celebration and chaos of ensuring my parents have the best 25th anniversary, but we’re all also ready to fly out back to Sydney the next day at 6 am.

They say love gives you a sense of euphoria. It’s like nothing one ever experiences. They say finding love in someone completes us. I’m sceptical to fate but the age old story that humans were created in halves so they would spend their lives finding their soulmates has always stuck with me. A romantic at heart, no matter how guarded and distrusting I am of other people; my parents have always shown me that true love does exist. The impenetrable bond between two people that grows stronger with each passing minute does exist

And I’ve never doubted for a minute that my parents share a love so pure. A love that keeps on growing between themselves, between our family. My parents have always shown me, my sister, our family a sense of pride, union, trust and loyalty to everything they do. Their relationship has become a role model for something I want for myself. Watching my parents share this beautiful relationship for 25 years has proven to me that honest love does exist, and that I want a relationship built on the foundations of trust, loyalty, humour and an unstoppable sense of love for each other that my parents show to me every single day.

My parents are my heroes.

All children say that. But looking back on how I’ve grown up, I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful pair of parents. My parents have shown me the meaning of devotion to people, work and life. My parents have shown me the most wonderful experiences in life through all the family vacations abroad, in Australia, and around Sydney. My parents have provided me with luxuries and a lifestyle I’m so thankful for. My parents have defined the meaning of loyalty, honesty and dedication for me.

And each day, I wake up and thank God for giving me such wonderful parents.

In my parents, I see a relationship that is so balanced. I see how people commit and co-operate with each other. I see how people transform strengths into weaknesses. I see how two people complete each other. Where my dad is soft at heart, my mum carries on strong. Where my mum shows weakness (not that I ever witness it because my mum is a soldier), my dad comes from behind as a shield. Where my dad always forgets one of the six pairs of reading glasses he owns, my mum is always there, instructing him on where his last pair were seen. And of course, where my mum says she’s feeling like ice cream, my dad is always there with a carton, two spoons and a new movie, TV show or documentary to enjoy along side the sweet treat.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents. And I see it in myself. I see my parents in my own qualities because my parents are the backbone of who I am and what I’ve made myself. My parents have raised me well. I know that. And now, I see both my parents’ dedication, work ethic and focus in myself. I see my dad’s sense of humour in myself. I see my mum’s passion for cooking in myself. I see my parents’ shared desire to make the world a better place in myself. I see my parents’ shared belief in speaking up for yourself in myself. I see how being around a relationship like the one my mum and dad share has made me the best person I can be.

Seeing such a strong, unbreakable relationship has taught me a lot. And now, as I reach 18 and maybe start to ponder if I want a relationship, I know that I have the best possible guide to love. My parents have shown me what commitment, co-operation, loyalty, humour, faithfulness and love are. And it’s everything I could ever want with my own special someone.

So mum, dad, congratulations on 25 years of marriage. I know that when we head back to Sydney, my sister and I have major celebratory plans. I hope you both enjoy the gifts you have for each other (I know you both will because I’m on the inside as usual). I hope your 25th anniversary is an especially special day for you both. I can’t stress how blessed I am to see such a balanced and pure relationship in front of my eyes everyday. I really am the luckiest daughter in the world.

And as a bit of parting advice from your loving daughter, who has patiently reminded dad to ensure he has his “phone, wallet, fountain pen, car and office keys, office bag and lunch” every morning before he leaves; and also diligently searched the house for mum’s missing glasses every morning before she leaves for work, or for the stray bangle needed to complete the set for the sari mum’s wearing; Dad, remember mum is always right. Mum, dad will never remember to turn the bathroom light off so you may as well accept it. You both need to accept that my sister and I are the most wonderful daughters you could ever have. And also, please never stop laughing, joking and making life enjoyable and memorable for yourselves, for us and for the world.

I love you both so much.

xx Simran

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