*rant stress post ahead* 

I feel like there should be a warning attached to my back. I’m a firey 17 year old Australian who is not afraid to slap a bitch when they mess with me, my loved ones, and/or the people who are priceless to me. 

Not being able to be beside my best friend when they’re going through something no one should experience in love is ruining me. 

Stupid distance between Sydney and india. Stupid time zones. Stupid everything. 

I would do anything to bring them down under. Have them live in Sydney with me. But yeh no that isn’t how society freaking works and now I feel shit and I know they feel shit and ugh. 

I understand exactly what they’re going through because I went through the same thing in 2015. 

Real freaking joyful, having love torn apart in your face isn’t it. 

I just can’t deal with things right now. I would do anything to be with them right now. The worst thing is that I never got the chance to tell them what happened in 2015 and now I wish I had. Just ugh. I would turn back time so I could chill with them and tell them everything I was terrified to say out loud. 

Real wonderful. 


This is such a mopey, non regular post. I’m so sorry for the angst. I just need a place to rant and Sydney is asleep right now so all my best friends are out of the question. 

xx Simran 

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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