*these are my views and my views alone. If you don’t agree, don’t hate and don’t read!* 

As someone who has been intensely following the American presidential campaign trial from outside America, I pray that America never come into the hands of an ill-informed, narcissistic, climate change sceptic like Donald Trump. 

As one who aligns themselves with the democrats even though I live in Australia, I find immense satisfaction in listening to republican policy spiels and campaign promotion so I can emphatically fire rebuttals and counter arguments to prove their policy choices wrong. I’ve spent countless hours sitting with my friends and family debating about the misfortune of being ill informed on real world issues like climate change, social security, equal pay for women and men, gender and sexual discrimination, the economy, gun control. That’s just the surface of the issue pool. 

However, listening to Trump feels like I’ve been inhaling second hand smoke because it kills me. 

I’ve had my fair share of exposure to republican presidents through studying the dead ones in modern and extension history, and being forced to lend my ear to Bush through my childhood in the early 2000s. But nothing has ever prepped me for Trump. 

I hold America’s fate, and by extension, the world’s fate in my nightly prayers. 

Imagine a world where Donald Trump commands  the most powerful job in the world. It makes me shudder and recoil in terror as well. 

xx Simran 

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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