when you’re 22

HBD PHAT.jpgisn’t it great when best friends get to have the same parents?

Happy birthday!!

This post could become a 2.5k essay very easily, but I think I did that justice in your 8 page speech for your 21st last year. Words don’t express how incredibly proud I am to have an older sister, an inspiration and a motivation like you. From the life advice, the hour long work out sessions accompanied by talks of all the hot guys (famous and non famous obviously) in our lives, the impromptu cooking sessions, the sister bonding adventures, the concerts and the shared love for Dan Carter, Sam Smith and everything Justin Timberlake, there isn’t a moment when I don’t think about how blessed I am to have an older sister like you.

Our “arguments” are the best because we both can never stay mad at each other for more than 2 minutes max. I’m eternally blessed to have someone so dedicated to not only their education and career, but also their family and friends. In my nearly 18 years, I don’t think any book, education or person out there has taught me as much as you have. The best thing about being sisters is the secret judging we both do, just for the laughs as we watch each other being silly and carefree. You’ve shown me the meaning of self dignity, class and perseverance in a person, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have someone who will always have the right thing to say, whether its to make me feel better about work, guys, life in general, or if its just to get a half hour silent, walrus clapping, back aching laugh out of both of us. It’s almost like we’re telepathic in our thoughts and actions, whether it be the same song, or our devious plans to irritate mum and dad for the laughs. I love that we’re always on the same wavelength, and that watching you grow up has made me a better person. You always have my back, and I’ll always have yours. Even when we’re old and grey (but granted, we may still be asked if we’re twins)

And obviously, there isn’t any discounting to the fact that we are the most on point sisters out there.

So here’s to being the sisters that slay (the photographs are evidence enough), and here’s to so many more adventures once I hit the big 18. Here’s to more random texts and plans for our future. Here’s to more laughter about the most random crap, more sneaky photos of you napping in the car (I was feeling nice and didn’t include them today hehe) and generally being the best sisters out; more concerts and sporting events (tickets bought by you obviously), sister bonding days and workout sessions, and of course the memories, both serious and amusing. I can’t wait to hit the road with you once I’m on my Ps, and travel around Australia and the world, wining and dining and having a blast.

love you long time didi!!

xx Simi


This might be the last post for about 2 weeks when I don’t have internet which is so tragic 😥 But I will continue blogging, especially when I head overseas to India which I’m actually pretty keen about right now


  1. First post that I came across and it was so lovely. It made me chuckle and smile and was absolotely heart warming, can’t wait to read more of your posts. Happy belated birthday to your sister!

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