The fangirl I work so hard to subtly repress has emerged and taken over my usually calm, cool and collected state of mind.

I speak directly from my heart when I say that I’m not over Jack (Falahee) singing A Whole New World as he decorates a christmas tree in his snap story.

I think it should be illegal for my favourite TV actor to sing a song from my all time Disney movie. I nearly died when I watched the snap, and then proceeded to die with my friends because we all cannot deal. Life isn’t fair.

Everyone still knows my crush on Aladdin reigns supreme. Jasmine may have him forever, but my heart belongs to Aladdin always. I may be 6 months away from adulthood, but I will without a doubt watch Aladdin in its entirety, choke up in the appropriate scenes, and wholeheartedly belt out all the lyrics to every song.

I now demand a full cover so I can gain closure to the fact that Jack has the nicest voice, and it sounds even nicer when he sings (the inner fangirl is coming out real strong here). Also, I usually cannot handle the American accent, regardless of how many American people I like. It’s mainly the midwestern and southern accents that give me nightmares, but holy shit his accent is so nice ugh (fangirling real hard now. This is bad)

Also, snapchat is so cruel, because you see a little snippet for 24 hours, and it leaves you wanting more. I want a full cover. Please.

And now, after viewing his snap story, and lamenting to my closest friends who also share my sadness in realising that unless we all go on impromptu trips to America, fly 24 hours (that sounds like hell to me) or study in America, we may all potentially never meet Jack. That is the struggle of living in Sydney. Such a beautiful place. But so far away from everything. I can’t handle flying from here to India and I’ve done that plenty of times. 7 hours to Singapore is nightmarish for me. I would never survive 24 hours of flying without a tranquilliser. No amount of excitement about pursuing my further education at Yale or Harvard (Oh how I would love to complete my masters in Economics at Yale, granted I get into my undergrad courses here); or the prospect of going to the legit Disneyland or even meeting my favourite celebs maybe, could perk me up for flying.

So I leave it up to my strong imagination, and maybe the hope that my favourite actors and celebrities will take pity on the Southern hemisphere and come down under. And what isn’t to love about Sydney? Great beaches, great people, and the best coffee. What more does life need?

The life of a young woman whose celebrity crush list is longer then her current summer bucket list has its downsides. Its hard having an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Tumblr, facebook, actually watching HTGAWM and obviously twitter will have to do it for me I guess.

And in the mean while, as today fades away, I’ll be up, quietly singing along to Aladdin as the rest of the house sleeps, because I need closure and happiness, supplied by one gorgeous Disney prince.

xx Simran




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