50 hours

50 hours until freedom.

Monday, 2nd November 2015. 11:30 am. I will be free. No more exams. No more school. No more HSC. Finally going to be able to break up with my clingy boyfriend, the HSC.

November 2nd marks the beginning of 4 months of freedom. 4 months of endless summer. 4 months of fun, travel, working so I can earn, exploration, health, fitness and relaxation.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, and obviously procrastinate a little more about writing another essay scaffold for question 1 in the History Extension course, I’ve come up with a bucket list for my 4 months of freedom. Let’s see what I can achieve:

  1. binge watch Gossip Girl (no shame here)
  2. binge watch avatar
  3. binge watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  4. binge watch Breaking Bad
  5. binge watch Suits
  6. binge watch Prison Break
  7. re binge Ugly Betty
  8. re binge White Collar
  9. re binge 2 Broke Girls
  10. re binge How to get Away With Murder s1 to get everyone up to date + relive potentially the greatest character developments I’ve seen in ages
  11. start Grey’s Anatomy
  12. start Scandal
  13. start Game of Thrones
  14. start The Wire (there is clearly a theme running. I have a lot of TV to catch up on. And it doesn’t help that my parents agreed to get Netflix after my exams finish)
  15. Get my red Ps either by Feb 29th 2016 or 23 May 2016 (I should be able to drive without supervision by the time I’m 18)
  16. try at least 10 new cuisines, either for brekkie, lunch or dinner
  17. redecorate my room
  18. revamp my wardrobe
  19. join a charity/not for profit organisation
  20. get a tattoo (unlikely unless I want to be disowned. Dad would be cool with it but mum would have a heart attack. I’ll wait until I move out)
  21. boost my stamina so I can do 7km runs without dying
  22. spontaneous sleepovers with my closest friends
  23. road trip, even if it’s just to Wollongong or Newcastle
  24. Go a full day without technology (conflicts with my extravagant TV show list but I’ll make it work)
  25. Get back into baking
  26. Read at least 5 books in physical form
  27. Invest in potentially every childhood board game with friends(Monopoly, Game of Life, Cluedo, Twister etc)
  28. Crash a wedding reception with my cousin (this one’s for when/if we go to India)
  29. Meet a celebrity (Here or in India. I’m not picky)
  30. Cloud watch/star gaze with friends
  31. Become a more devout Hindu
  32. Learn a new language, or perfect my Hindi
  33. Explore Sydney more
  34. Volunteer at a dog shelter
  35. Earn $$$ (The issue with being too young and graduating is that no place apart from Maccas/KFC/Fast food will hire. Every place I want to work has an age requirement of 18, so until I turn 18 next May, I’ll be working at dad’s company.)
  36. become a more proficient pianist
  37. Volunteer for a charity organisation hosting an event across Sydney
  38. Get back into dance, both contemporary and classical Indian
  39. have a bonfire with friends
  40. learn to cook more
  41. write more about my thoughts regarding political/economic/social issues in Australia and globally

Honestly, my brain can’t think of anything else. Most of these are feasible over 4 months. I’m excited to be able to reinvent myself and experience more, challenge myself and expand my horizons. It’s a shame that I’m still a minor so I can’t do a lot without parental supervision/consent; but I still plan to make these 4 months 4 of the most worth while days I have.

It’s a blessing to be able to get so much time off to do what I want.

And I’m bloody excited.

BUT LET’S ALL BE REAL. THE REAL CHALLENGE IS GETTING MYSELF TOGETHER FOR FORMAL/ALL THE DIWALI PARTIES I’M GOING TO AFTER HSC ENDS. All the stress has made my face a hot mess, and I deserve to look on point at every occasion for myself. Reactions from a certain someone is an added bonus and I’m not complaining. BUT. 10 days. To sort myself out and look fly at all these events. I’ve got my work cut out.

xx Simran

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