significant controversy

Don’t like my views? Don’t read this.

I’m in no way perfect, but I don’t stand for racial vilification. And I’m not sorry. I don’t and never will agree to what extremists are inflicting upon innocent people. But that does not condone what has come about in recent months. I’m fricking terrified, reading this article.

Right now, I’m disgusted. The rise of a fascist, pro-Hitleresque regime that draws on antisemitic views to preach their very blatant hatred of a religion both disgusts and terrifies me.

After having my eyes burnt this morning while reading the article, I decided to split my time studying for extension english and advanced maths by reading up on this group that is taking Australia by storm apparently.

To quote from the above linked news article,

“In one Facebook post that included a photograph of Adolf Hitler, Mr Cottrell commented: “There should be a picture of this man in every classroom and every school, and his book should be issued to every student annually.”

This came from their facebook page.

Here, a 17 year old student who studied History and saw second hand the extent of psychological, physical and emotional trauma sparked by the rise of fascism in the 1930s. And here we are, in 2015. A hardcore fascist proclaiming that the “spirit of Hitler lives on” and this is the way that we reclaim Australia.

Australia is a free nation and for the most part secular. The dominance of one religion in our society makes that statement a little questionable, but for the most part, Australia has been a relatively laid back society who is pretty accepting. Since the 2000s, we really haven’t spoken out about vilification. Society either doesn’t care, or even if we do, we don’t want to speak out about this.

But when lack of knowledge and a blatant hatred coupled with rage tie together to form a shitstorm, we all know Australia has gone to the dogs.

If the popularity of Reclaim Australia is anything to base a judgement off, I beg global citizens who have an insight into the difference between a view of a minority and a view of a complete religion to please find the Australians who aren’t so blinded by this hate and please judge the validity of Australia of them. 

A movement that started because of the Lindt Cafe siege which was in no way linked to the strife of the Middle East. This is a classic case of jumping to conclusions.

I in no way condone the monstrosities in the Middle East, but how can people so blatantly judge a a community and vocally act out on it? When you know nothing, stay quiet. Read, form your views and then speak out.

Reclaim Australia has proved itself to be nothing more than a movement that houses bigots who pledge to elevating one Religion in Australia, under the guise of making Australian society what it was before. Before what? Before Australian land was forcefully stolen from the Aboriginal elders?

Lets make something very clear. Australia is not our land. It isn’t mine. It isn’t yours. Australia is the land of the Aboriginal people, and for thousands of years it has been. We’ve manipulated history to brush over that fact. And used a “sorry” speech to right all our wrongs. That doesn’t give us the right to decide who can and can’t stay on Australian land.

Reading through their values, to put it loosely, confused me. You want equality for all religions and races, yet you get mad when your Christian-White version of how Australia was settled is questioned?

From the perspective of An Australian with Indian heritage, I do believe that we should have racial and gender equality, ensure Australia is a fair place for all and make sure no religion oversteps another. Take multiculturalism with pride. But there’s a difference when your values nuance one religious faith. You contradict yourself.

To cut this short so I can go study again, let’s leave this post with one of the summation lines of their beliefs:

“Our white heritage is being rewritten by cultural marxists trying to belittle our nation’s beginnings—using aboriginal genocide to hit back at todays Australians.”

Possibly the best justification of what is wrong with society. May I guide your eyes to a book I very recently studied and now have a wonderful appreciation for, Henry Reynolds’ 1999 memoir, Why Weren’t We Told? This memoir will address many inconsistencies in our history. Well done Henry Reynolds. I strongly suggest everyone read this book. As much as I hated analysing Reynolds’ words, I didn’t for a minute ever undermine the validity in his work. Reynolds is a true master in his field, if this book is anything to go by. It’s exceptionally well crafted and really opened my eyes.

And this is coming from the eyes of a 17 year old Australian with Indian heritage who doesn’t stand for bullshit, racial vilification and the belittling of other innocent people. I don’t call myself an Australian to be associated with racist bigots. No. I call myself an Australian because I value racial, gender and religious equality, I stand up for my human rights and freedoms, I fight for change to make society more equitable, and I don’t make statements without educating myself. 

xx Simran

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