cheat day/treat day

When you’re pushing the grind, making sure you work out every day to feel good, study better and have a more positive mindset. BUT, the temptation of making vegan chocolate mousse is too much. Avocados are my loves. And so is organic cacao powder. I have no shame. There is so much fruity temptation downstairs. The kitchen has been branded with the scent of mangoes and we aren’t even in summer. I’m in heaven. Bless you Sydney. All the berries. All the apples. All the mangoes. I’m going to become a domestic goddess post HSC. Do all the healthy and delicious baking I can.


By far the easiest dessert I’ve ever made. 3 ingredients and a good quality food processor, and then leaving the mousse to chill in the fridge for 3 hours before burying it under fresh berries to make me feel better about the cheat day. I’ll never have a need for mousse that’s been made with dairy ever again. 

What can I say? My HSC aesthetic is workout gear, cute American boys, an addiction to berries and an undying love for Orwell’s 1984, calculus, real world applications of economics, and history.

The hustle is good. I’m into it. I’m excited.

xx Simran


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