This is about to get controversial. This post is in no way trying to impede on anyone’s thoughts or feelings about the same issue, and I don’t intend to offend anyone. This is merely my opinion on a political and social matter.ย 

This is the viewpoint of a young Australian woman, and I am relying on media, White House reports/interviews/speeches, history and eye witness source to formulate this opinion. But I know that this opinion is the same opinion shared by my friends and other adults with whom I’ve had the pleasure of discussing human rights and politics with.

The fact that I’m part of a global society where people are losing their shit about women being given the legal choice to abort during pregnancy because it’s immoral and considered murder as the child has begun life at conception; yet they don’t bat a bloody eye lash at the report of a new shooting where innocent men and women were killed, because we all need our guns; scares me. A lot.

I really don’t think government and/or religion should dictate the rights of a woman choosing to keep a baby.ย What I do think is that people should get their heads out of their asses and realise that the right to own guns in the 21st century has done nothing but damage. Guns, that as per the 2nd Amendment, were allowed in case of the need to overthrow government. Sure, that was all good in the 18th century, when the amendments were written. But today? Waking up to hear that there have been over 140 school shootings since the devastating massacre in December 2012 terrifies me.

It’s a known fact that guns have become less of a protection mechanism, and more of a power statement. You know when something is wrong, when literally anyone can get their hands on a gun, shootings are carried out with political, religious, racist or psychological reasons; BUT NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH DEBATE GOES ON IN FREAKING CONGRESS. And as an outsider to American society, I’m terrified and also slightly amused at how backward a nation can be. You claim to be progressive, but how progressive are you really? If in 2015, you still rely on arguments and swear by a set of rules that were created for society over 200 years ago, are you progressive?

Where do our priorities lie? It’s nearing the rear end of 2015 yet I still wake up paranoid that something might have gone wrong where my family lives in America. I’m terrified of ever being told that my cousin’s university was hijacked.


xx Simran

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