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Casually running away from all the work I need to do, by putting (more) effort into my breakfast for once. While I attempt to ensure that I eat a good breakfast, no matter how busy or stressed I am, I usually end up blending everything into a smoothie, or eating an egg before rushing out the door. SO TODAY, because stuvac allows me to, I decided to take advantage of all the berries in the house and the freshly picked apples, and my need to have low GI brekkies, or breakfasts that don’t include bread. I combined a simple bircher muesli with chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds and shredded coconut; topped that by drizzling honey and then loaded fruit on top. Basically heaven on a sunny Spring day. 

I’m running away from the 5 pending economics practice essays and the history extension notes that are yet to be completed and fully understood. I can’t wait for post HSC so I can get back into cooking all the time. I plan to improve my skill in baking, diversify my options for breakfast, ensuring that they are still healthy but also delicious (waiting for summer for the wide array of summer fruit. Mangoes have begun arriving and I am so keen). I also plan on learning how to make Indian lunches and dinners, because now that school will be over, university will give me the luxury of time so I can cook and reduce the stress on mum. The goal is to become as good a cook as mum, and learn all the dishes that I love, so if I do move out/move to another country, I’ll have pieces of home with me in my food. And anyway, everyone knows that I can’t survive without Gujarati curry, mix veggie Kofta and dal. As much as I love trying new cuisines and experimenting with my lunches, nothing satisfies me more than coming home to a fresh bowl of Masoor dal.

Aspirations that will happen in one month and one day. I’m keen.

xx Simran

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