50 hours

50 hours until freedom. Monday, 2nd November 2015. 11:30 am. I will be free. No more exams. No more school. No more HSC. Finally going to be able to break up with my clingy boyfriend, the HSC. November 2nd marks the beginning of 4 months of freedom. 4 months of endless summer. 4 months of […]


This is another controversial post. These are my views and I haven’t been influenced by anything but my own views and morals. My opinion has been formed through various media reports, historical study and the reactions of other Australians/global citizens. If you don’t agree, don’t read. … Frankly, I’m disgusted. I didn’t realise that there were […]

cheat day/treat day

When you’re pushing the grind, making sure you work out every day to feel good, study better and have a more positive mindset. BUT, the temptation of making vegan chocolate mousse is too much. Avocados are my loves. And so is organic cacao powder. I have no shame. There is so much fruity temptation downstairs. […]