Goodbyes are always hard. Today, I said goodbye to a school that has become a second home. I said goodbye to some of the most loving, caring and inspirational teachers and students I’ve had the pleasure to work with and be around. I said goodbye to the elegant mix of bottle green, navy blue and white. I said goodbye to the tartan, the grey buildings and the infectious smiles of everyone around me.

Graduation is bittersweet. The ups and downs of high school have provided me with so much experience, wisdom and education. The lows of anxiety, bullying and insecurities showed me that I know how to fight. I know how to get myself up again when all that’s coming at me is an avalanche. The bullying I went through in Year 11 really strengthened my resolve, made me more sassy, bitchy and a little more cold. But it made me strong. I have my days where I cry because my 85 wasn’t good enough. But I will always fight through.

On the contrary, there are so many highs to high school. The relationships I’ve formed with my peers, best friends, teachers, the senior executives and the community is something I’ll cherish forever. To keep it sweet, NSG has transformed me into an assertive, confident young woman who knows that success is worth fighting for, and failure doesn’t exist. Not getting what you want may just open up other pathways that are more beautifully lit.

Tears were shed. Mr McMahon had me sobbing and ugly crying from the onset of his beautiful speech today at our Year 12 revue. I’ve been an emotional wreck the whole day. Words of wisdom, laughter and fond memories have been thrown my way all day.

And today, as I hang up my Tartan blazer one last time, I look back at my 6 years at NSG and think to myself, wow. This is the young woman I’ve become. All the flaws and imperfections are just little tarnishes on the surface of the diamonds that we all innately are.

NSGHS, class of 2015, I love you girls. You are my rock. Yassy, Jess and Charmaine, words don’t express how important you girls are to me. GBTS, we are on point. I love you girls so much. NSG, I will always and forever have tartan in my blood.


I might still have the HSC to go, but I made it. 

Signing off in tartan pride one last time,

xx Simran

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