We’ve got a lot of 8 representations going on right now.

The countdown continues ft. some more of Group by the stairs


It’s finally the time of year where we’re wrapping up, having parties and doing revision that’s worthwhile in all our subjects. I’m so keen to graduate, but I know I’ll miss NSG. The familiarity of walking down B Block corridor, and the daily traffic jam to get from E Block to B Block. And obviously, the familiarity and safety of knowing your teachers for the most part have got your backs and are there to provide you with the best. I’ll miss the comfort and joy of being able to wear navy, white, green and tartan with pride again. I’ll miss the joy of being able to see my group everyday and just chill out in the quad, sit in the sun and talk about everything from politics, human rights issues and obviously how bloody gorgeous Jack Falahee is (the inner fangirl is peaking out now)

Graduation is bittersweet. When you want to leave, but you don’t want to let go.

xx Simran

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