Father’s Day

One of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mum and dad.


Today (6th September 2015) marks Father’s Day. A day to celebrate all the dads in our lives. Today, I get to celebrate the selfless, silly, loving father in my life. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Looking back on the relationship I share with my dad, it’s transformed from him being a teddybear, to him being one of my friends. Obviously, dad mode still comes out and he won’t be afraid to threaten my formal date or tell me off for doing something silly, but as I’ve grown up, dad and I have evolved the father daughter relationship to include friendship, trust and a lot of teasing and humour.

I feel so blessed to have been brought up by a dad who is so selfless, courageous and loving. His kindness knows no limits and dad will always step up to lend someone a hand or help out. His humour is one of my favourite things, as when I’m having a bad day or I’m stressed, one silly grin and a little joke can transform my day. Dad is a superhero for me. He has made me into the strong, independent woman I am after wiping my tears because of the bullying I went though, ensuring that my confidence is still strong and sturdy after getting a bad grade, and making sure that I experience the best things I can.

Dad is one of the most patient and hardworking men I know. He’s so dedicated to his job, and also my education. Especially throughout the HSC, dad has stayed up, helping me revise my essays, help me memorise and spend countless hours going through economic theory with me to ensure I succeed in the subjects I love and know I can excel in. Even as a little girl, my fondest memories include sitting at the dining table eating cereal every morning, while dad would read books and articles to me, or get me to learn my times tables. Educational yes, but his focus on getting me to succeed has inspired my own chase for success. Dad’s patience has made me even more driven to make him proud and gain success.

Dad has always been the entertainer of the family. Whether it be his impromptu breakouts of song (special mention to Fifth Harmony’s Worth It and Adam Lambert’s Ghost Town) and dance around the kitchen at dinner, much to my amusement and mum’s disbelief that her husband is still so childlike; or his sneak attacks on my sister and I, sneaking up to tickle us and get us laughing, dad is truly the sunlight everyone needs in their family.

Dad has taught me so much in my 17 short years – from riding a bike to swimming, to maths, economics, important life skills and also driving. He’s always been the anchor in the family, ensuring everyone is happy and ok and all is well. Dad’s strength to provide for my sister and I, making sure we get the best out of life is something I admire so much. And I’m also forever grateful for. He has never denied us anything we want and will always be ready to spoil us, even if we don’t ask for it.

So on this father’s day, I want to highlight how proud I am to be my dad’s daughter. And looking back on a conversation I had with mum about boys and dating, I want to find a guy who shares the same values as dad – selfless, humble, strong, courageous, loving, caring, patient, loyal and hardworking. Because, in the end, I want a relationship like the one my parents share – where the love for each other grows with each passing day.

I’m so blessed to have not only a wonderful father-daughter relationship to indulge in, but also having a dad who redefines what dads are, and how important they are in our lives.

xx Simran

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