Order has been restored

Order has been restored after the All Blacks basically demolished the Wallabies 41-13 at Eden Park this evening. Can I just say that watching Dan Carter’s finesse, Richie McCaw’s flawless technique and Ma’a Nonu’s absolute fire and passion has truly set in stone my appreciation and dedication to watching rugby, playing it as much as I can post HSC (I really want to re-join either a women’s rugby team or play touch footy again) and of course supporting the men in black til the very end. Even when I’m a crippling old 90 year old, I’m still going to be cheering on my men in black. There is no holding me back.

I’m so bloody keen for the Rugby World Cup. I’m especially excited to watch a clash between the Springboks and the All Blacks because those games are filled with fire and skill and it’s such a joy to watch. I’ve already decided that I’m getting a job (resume is being written as we speak) so I can fund my adventures to go see the next Rugby World Cup live. It’s a shame that the HSC is hindering me this year 😦 (And obviously student finances haha)

I’ve been a lost New-Zealander stuck in a Sydney sider’s body, an All Blacks supporter since birth, and I will never stop supporting them. I can guarantee that post HSC will feature me getting back into shape, me getting back into dance and playing sport, me reading so much more, and obviously me travelling and exploring. Right now, I actually crave the freedom of letting my mind go to the pavement or the grass, and let myself enjoy the satisfying burn that comes from a solid run. I won’t let all the various injuries (torn ligaments in each ankle and also both ankles have been badly rolled haha good going, busted right knee from a nasty fall, dodgy right shoulder because of an accident when I was quite young, and sometimes a lot of back pain from idk what actually) get in my way. I miss sport. I really do.

I sometimes regret not keeping all my extra-curricular during the HSC, but time is such an issue. There is only so much I can complete. But it isn’t like I haven’t been exercising. The luxuries of kicking the fam out of the house so you can shake your booty while washing the dishes (because I’m a loving child) or just jumping around like a crazy person is great. In fact since I have the house to myself, I may as well do that now. All that new music… 🙂 Fantastic stress relief comes in the form of letting your inhibitions and just dancing to David Guetta’s hot beats. Oath.

xx Simran

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