Photo on 11-07-2015 at 3.11 pm

Obviously getting into my pyjamas/house clothing as soon as I get home. Legit, my clothing revolves around the NSG uniform, pyjamas for sleep, and pyjamas for lounging. I put on workout clothes which is basically the same as going to the gym. Sorry not sorry. Jack Falahee’s tweets are my spirit animals. They summarise my life. And yes, on occasion, I will pound the pavement on a run, with nothing but empty road and music blasting in my ears. The burn you get in your thighs and calves and lungs is so therapeutic for me. It feels so good to let go and submit your body to a run. 

So there’s that. Honestly, I’m blessed that my school uniform is actually aesthetic, but seriously, wearing trackies or shorts and hoodies everyday would be so much better.

My afternoons revolve around sending last minute emails to teachers, organising my evenings in terms of work and study, catching up on my favourite YouTubers’ videos, getting new music, eating obviously (food is my love) and when my shows are on, catching up on my TV shows. Late September cannot come fast enough because Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder ohhhhh my god, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls and Once Upon a Time ALL return. I’m so frikking excited. All these spoilers and sneak peak photos and videos and instagram photos are messing with me because my excitement for new seasons of the shows I love is peaking at dramatic levels.

I’m so excited to graduate in all honesty. Leave the anxieties of marks, and the crippling panic that I put myself through in getting 5 assessments back in a row. Not fun. I sometimes hate being a competitive person because expectations are set and that is sometimes a negative thing.

xx Simran

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