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This is one of the best things I’ve read all day. Since Prime Minister Abbott decided to remove the coalition’s ability to have a conscience vote on the issue of same sex marriage in Australia.

You know what I’m curious about? What’s holding us back from granting people who have a different sexual orientation, the right to freely express themselves through the legal act of marriage? I frankly find it quite strange, that as a straight young woman, I’ll be allowed to marry a guy without any issues, but as soon as the girl I know who bats for the other team, wants to express her love for her girlfriend in the exact same way as me, there are suddenly massive issues. People marrying who they want isn’t going to blow the planet up.

In talking to my friends during modern history today, we all contemplated why Tony Abbott is so against same sex marriage. We are governed by a secular government so that can’t be the issue, otherwise it undermines the meaning of secular government in its entirety. We live in a democracy and free speech isn’t an issue. But what’s stopping same sex marriage from being passed?

To be frank, I really want to email or call up the Prime Minister’s office and ask. Because I’m curious to know why he is so against it. Why is Tony Abbott so against same sex marriage, that he’s willing to compromise the legitimacy of his prime ministership, the stability of his front bench, and balance in the coalition?

And to be honest, Labor and co will jump on the opportunity to promote same sex marriage as a goal during election promotion, and it will get them elected. It’s a smart move. But not for Abbott if he wants to maintain Prime Ministership.

Decisions. Decisions.

I get to vote next year, but to be honest, no one is good enough to govern Australia. This is so stressful.

We really don’t live in the stone age. And same sex marriage will not blow the Earth up. Why are people still so narrow minded?

xx Simran

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