What brings you comfort at school?


It’s a known fact that I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine. I quite like the taste of Mochas and Cappuccinos. It’s quite comforting? I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate word, but coffee has the ability to comfort me during times when I need a hug that comes in the form of warm liquid to soothe cramps or angsty feelings or just get me through boring classes by giving me a bright cup and good taste to focus on. It’s a great distraction from the monotony of theory (:

Side note. I just watched Asher’s Bye Felicia music video from the How to Get Away With Murder extras. I’ve spent the past 5 minutes dying silently in my chair so my parents don’t realise I’m not actually having a group chat about Henry Reynolds’ use of pathos in his memoir. Holy crap I love Matt McGorry. I can’t even. So good. So so good. I’m so excited for season 2 because Coliver omfg and Asher and the plot yasss. I’m so excited to get answers and get wrapped up in the chaos again. But my decision lies in watching one episode per week throughout the HSC, or bingeing it after and potentially sobbing from feels.

Decisions. Decisions.

Feels right now? Why am I not in America? Why is Australia so far away from America?

xx Simran

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