I love history. I always have. It’s so fascinating to be able to understand and explore the past. Throughout year 12, History Extension has given me the opportunity to engage with history in a new way. It is a gruelling subject. It’s hard work and there is so much content, the exams are bloody difficult and wrapping your head around different historians and methodologies can drive you up a wall, but nothing is more satisfying than being able to successfully say that yes, I get you. You’re a bloody psychotic historian, but I understand your viewpoint. Also, my teacher is amazing. She’s enhanced my love for both modern and extension history and gah. I’ll miss extension history. All those late afternoons spent reading over Tacitus and Collingwood and von Ranke. Good times :’)

28 days left until graduation.


On a side note, the natural exposure this arvo though. Walked into my room to bright af lighting. When your nails are also painted with pride for the All Blacks (: I’m running away from probability and Henry Reynolds. Don’t have time for that when more interesting things like economics, modern history and reading up on theories for who Charles from Pretty Little Liars is, and of course, looking at all the spoilers and selfies and tweets about how to get away with murder season 2, await my attention. I’m so excited oh my god. 

Post trials life is great. I’ve got to smash the HSC, decide where my future lies in terms of a university degree, find a job and then travel. Lets do this!!

xx Simran

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