FREAKING the crap out about school and trials and assessments right now. Nothing new. The usual.

Current status: wrapped up in a blanket, stressing about the amount of exam prep I have to do for my trial HSC next week.

Current feeling: Want to curl up and never let go of my bed. Not ready to be judged by my teachers or screw up in extension maths again.

Being realistic? I’ve gotta (wo)man the crap up because I wasn’t raised to shy away from challenges. Damn gurl get a hold of yourself. You’ve got this.


Trying to be positive. Let’s see how this plays out. Trials come at me. In the meanwhile, Trotsky is a fascinating read and my blanket is 15/10 for fabulousness, comfort and warmth.

xx Simran

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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