Superwoman just released the most accurate video of my life. I can’t even. This video sums up my life, my long celebrity crush list and maybeee a real life crush. Who knows 😉

If anyone tells me my crush on Jack Falahee, Matt Bomer, Sean O’Pry or any of the 14134890138 other celebrities that have graced my imagination is stupid, please. I might have never spoken to my celebrity crush but yo, irrelevant. They might live halfway across the world, but brother, use your imagination. Gosh.

As a more realistic kid, I’ve most definitely talked to my maybe crush who’s a cutie and all my friends agree that we’d be a very on point couple. Soo..

Superwoman is my life. If only I could have met her when she came to Sydney on her tour, but freaking year 12. There is hope for the future I guess.

xx Simran


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