Melbourne? I'm in love. With all your faces. So in love. All the clowns, Kings, monsters and skulls.    Flinders Lane    Hosier Lane     Hosier Lane   Flinders Lane      Hosier Lane   Hosier Lane     Hosier Lane   Hosier Lane     NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA   NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA ... Day one … Continue reading Faceless 


I'm doing a little bit of psychoanalysis at 5:30 am when I'm meant to be studying for Extension maths. Whatever. This is important. I've had a revelation since being up at 2 am doing frikking trigonometry and mathematical induction. Bull that isn't going to get me success. Tan(x-y) never brought anyone real, long term success … Continue reading spontaneous


That feeling when maths requires you to write essays to prove why two angles in a circle are equal. I'm so done with circle geometry. Geometry in general. Where am I going to use tangent theorems? Please enlighten me. My handwriting has become so ugly because of the HSC. I used to pride myself on … Continue reading reality


Sometimes I don't know how I get lost in all these thoughts. There's so much to do, so much to see, so much to read. Yet here I am, chilling on a chilly Wednesday morning, thinking about... stuff. It's almost comical to see how much I've transformed. I didn't think I was capable of self … Continue reading Pensive