I came out to have a good time, do some calculus because calculus is the only thing I enjoy in maths, but I’m feeling so attacked right now. I thought I was done with physics in year 10. I thought my relationship with motion, displacement and acceleration was over. I thought I broke things off with Newton’s first law.

But no.

Now I’m suffering, attempting to do simple harmonic motion (to be completely honest who gives a bloody crap about where a particle is after t seconds) so I don’t fail my trial HSC and the actual HSC. Why BOSTES why?

Also, to shy away from my misery, I’ve decided that I want to move to New York for a little while to fulfil my desire to run into a celebrity. Because while I love Sydney, the distinct lack of Matt Bomer (loves) or Ed Sheeran or Deepika Padukone or Justin Timberlake or Shahid Kapoor is real. And also, it’s a known fact that 99.15% of cute Indian boys live in the Northern Hemisphere. That 0.85% is reserved for a special someone who is very close to my heart 😉 The lack of male Indian friends in my circle is real though. I’d like to make some more but Sydney just isn’t letting me. Step up your game Sydney.

Life is intense. So much to consider. So little time.

I’m also no closer to what I want to do with my future. I have all these fantasies but who knows. What do I want to do with my life? That’s the first and very real question I need to answer.

What I do know is that Winter does wonders to curly hair and being in the City for breakfast, tucked away up above the wet roads and surrounded by gorgeous architecture is the best way to spend Sunday mornings.



Waiting patiently (no not really) to finish my HSC, get my desired ATAR to do Lord knows what, and then work and travel for the four months I have before uni. Also, I need to get rid of my eyebags. The struggle is real.

xx Simran

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