Real talk

I'm being brutally honest when I say it's bloody difficult to focus on Henry Reynolds and the analysis of a book that isn't meant to be analysed when there are so many distractions. First, there's Wimbledon. Wimbledon just started and is going to conveniently end when my holidays end, so obviously I have to see … Continue reading Real talk


When life is beautiful albeit blurred, but nothing comes close to the hazed, violet beauty outside your window. These were shot within three minutes of each other. Different bits of the sky holding exponential amounts of beauty. Sydney please.  Wishing away all the stress and anxiety of HSC and needing to do well and studying incessantly … Continue reading ☁️


I came out to have a good time, do some calculus because calculus is the only thing I enjoy in maths, but I'm feeling so attacked right now. I thought I was done with physics in year 10. I thought my relationship with motion, displacement and acceleration was over. I thought I broke things off … Continue reading 📐


That feeling when you know The Lord is testing your motivation, morale and work ethic because you've polished off a whole season of How to Get Away with Murder in one day and a bit. And you have trials in 6 weeks which means you should be working on creatives and english essays, and Cold War notes, … Continue reading 🙏