Real talk

I’m being brutally honest when I say it’s bloody difficult to focus on Henry Reynolds and the analysis of a book that isn’t meant to be analysed when there are so many distractions.

First, there’s Wimbledon. Wimbledon just started and is going to conveniently end when my holidays end, so obviously I have to see how my favourite men (Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Wawrinka and Dimitrov in no particular order of favouritism but obviously Federer is my number one and always has been) and favourite women (Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova) are doing. It’s stressful keeping up with their matches, their interviews, their facebook posts and their instagrams. And then obviously, pre and post match talk with my mates. Damn

And secondly, my guilty pleasure. This is really bad because I knew I’d get hooked onto a show but then I still did it anyway. So as I mentioned before, I binge watched How To Get Away With Murder over a weekend and damn it’s so freaking good. The product of that was an intense appreciation for one of the best on screen couples (Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton) because they are absolute perfection. Their relationship is so enthralling because you have Oliver, who’s cute and smart and shy and adorable as hell, but has this hidden sexy side (And lets be real, every halfie is gorgeous and Conrad Ricamora is gorgeous). And then you have Connor (Jack Falahee and his jawline though. That jawline could cut diamonds), who as a law student exudes this confidence and suave sexiness with his pick up lines and intense gazes, but then is also sensitive and gah.


This is my biggest downfall, because in anything that enraptures me, I give it my all. I have an avid interest in the things that I love, and with my TV shows and movies, yeh it isn’t fun when you have trials, but all you can think about is the fanfiction that’s alluring you away from reality and into a perfect world.

Yes I read fanfiction. No I’m not ashamed. Fanfiction writers for the most part are so talented. Like damn. They deserve to be published and put out there on the main stage. There have been so many occasions where I’ve found myself silently sobbing because the fic I’m reading is so intense and well written. Yes I love my classics, but fanfiction is a solid artform, and writers everywhere should be heralded for what they’re coming up with.

So as the days get colder and nights slowly freeze, I’m holed up in my room, with mugs of coffee and tea, a shitload of work to do, yet surprisingly (no lets be real this is so like me) whenever I get bored of doing integration or motion or writing essays, my mind will always wonder to the happiness of watching Federer’s fine form on the courts or that ability to just re-watch episode 13 of How to Get Away with Murder, and then proceed to read theories for season two.

I’m winning at life. Trials are so close but here I am, chilling with my semi written essays and major work, and frankly I’m so done with it. I can indulge. I’ll definitely regret it. In the back of my mind, I’ll always have the excuse that I thought about doing a trial paper for extension one mathematics, and it’s the thought that counts.

WOW ok I really need to get my shit together. Otherwise there goes my HSC.

xx Simran


When life is beautiful albeit blurred, but nothing comes close to the hazed, violet beauty outside your window.


These were shot within three minutes of each other. Different bits of the sky holding exponential amounts of beauty. Sydney please. 

IMG_2583Wishing away all the stress and anxiety of HSC and needing to do well and studying incessantly to a bliss in November where I can travel and work and explore things about Sydney, about India and about the world I live in. Please come quickly. My wanderlust is ready to burst.

I just want to travel so I can witness new sunrises and new sunsets in new places. I want to feel the excitement and joy of being in a foreign place that’s ready to be explored. I want November already.

xx Simran

Love Wins!

First things first, congratulations America on legalising Gay marriage in every state comprising the USA.

Waking up this morning to news like this has really warmed my heart.

It’s a defining moment on a global scale, because yes there is recognition from American society that we don’t live in the 17th century anymore/ Things are different. It’s also a global announcement to every other developed and developing nation to come forward and join 22 other nations who have seen beyond the stereotypical hysteria and paranoia that sometimes associates with the LGBTIQA community. Equality is needed.

But now, this is screaming at Australia to take a stand and do something. As Prime Minister Tony Abbott phrased it, there isn’t a need for a referendum like Ireland had on the right for gay and lesbian couples to marry. It’s up to the parliament. I do think there needs to be a referendum because lets be real, how much as been accomplished in our Parliament in the past year?

Moreover, as a heterosexual young woman in a 21st century society, isn’t it time Australia gives rise to the equality and freedom we preach about in every single freaking election/speech/media release? I vote YES for equality in Australia. The LGBTIQA community shouldn’t be feared or shunned or hidden. We need to learn to be more accepting. We need to see that there is inherently nothing different between all members of the straight and LGBTIQA community. Sexual preference should never discriminate rights and freedoms. I have it easy because I can marry a man and adopt if I want to. But the same should apply to everyone, not just in Australia, but globally.

We live in the 21st century. Isn’t it time we stopped living like it’s the 18th century? Times are changing, and change is inevitable. Either get with it or get out.

I vote YES for equality. I vote YES to give the LGBTIQA community at home in Australia the chance to legally bind themselves to the people they love in matrimony. We need to change as well. Equality is an unstated human right. Regardless of what your sexual preferences are. Love will always win. And I will always play my part to help, support and fight for the equality that was handed to me on a silver platter, but should reign over everyone.

xx Simran


I came out to have a good time, do some calculus because calculus is the only thing I enjoy in maths, but I’m feeling so attacked right now. I thought I was done with physics in year 10. I thought my relationship with motion, displacement and acceleration was over. I thought I broke things off with Newton’s first law.

But no.

Now I’m suffering, attempting to do simple harmonic motion (to be completely honest who gives a bloody crap about where a particle is after t seconds) so I don’t fail my trial HSC and the actual HSC. Why BOSTES why?

Also, to shy away from my misery, I’ve decided that I want to move to New York for a little while to fulfil my desire to run into a celebrity. Because while I love Sydney, the distinct lack of Matt Bomer (loves) or Ed Sheeran or Deepika Padukone or Justin Timberlake or Shahid Kapoor is real. And also, it’s a known fact that 99.15% of cute Indian boys live in the Northern Hemisphere. That 0.85% is reserved for a special someone who is very close to my heart 😉 The lack of male Indian friends in my circle is real though. I’d like to make some more but Sydney just isn’t letting me. Step up your game Sydney.

Life is intense. So much to consider. So little time.

I’m also no closer to what I want to do with my future. I have all these fantasies but who knows. What do I want to do with my life? That’s the first and very real question I need to answer.

What I do know is that Winter does wonders to curly hair and being in the City for breakfast, tucked away up above the wet roads and surrounded by gorgeous architecture is the best way to spend Sunday mornings.



Waiting patiently (no not really) to finish my HSC, get my desired ATAR to do Lord knows what, and then work and travel for the four months I have before uni. Also, I need to get rid of my eyebags. The struggle is real.

xx Simran

I tried to follow the rainbow 

I guess waking up at odd times in the morning has its perks


😍 Sydney is just eating away at me because now the whole world is ruined for me. Not waking up to this would be devastating. Not being able to run in the glow of reds and pinks would break my heart.

Xx Simran 


That feeling when you know The Lord is testing your motivation, morale and work ethic because you’ve polished off a whole season of How to Get Away with Murder in one day and a bit.

And you have trials in 6 weeks which means you should be working on creatives and english essays, and Cold War notes, and understanding Tacitus for History Extension, and relearning all the maths you forgot how to do, and also relearning the motivations for Monetary policy.


– The life of a Year 12 student


Waking up on the first day of winter, on a day where about half my grade has exams but I can chill at home, to a sky that makes me want to weep at how beautiful it is. Words do not describe what I got to wake up to. 



Xx Simran