On a birthday, it’s tradition for one to make a wish for whatever they want. We ALL know that I’m praying for my sanity to remain intact over the next coming week with exams and also for the remaining aspect of the HSC until November 2 2015.


Celebrating a very low key ageing today with the favourites like Yeats and Newton (cheers calculus hehehe) and Brezhnev and Kissenger lel. (please have mercy on my soul, oh powerful Hindu deities. All 6 million of you).


Indulging in possibly the nicest mousse/cake combo I’ve ever had, courtesy of my favourite sister (: HSC weight gain but whatever. I think I’ll lose it all when I pace around my room, madly learning things about Yeats and the Federal budget. 


I think 17 is quite an unaesthetic number to be completely honest but life. Eh. One more year until I’m an actual adult and that scares me so much. I don’t think I’m anywhere near as mature as I should be considering I have to make life choices essentially about my future.

Soo now I guess I’m gonna get back to learning about Yeats’ apocalyptic visions of the Second Coming and his ambivalence in Easter 1916 and then celebrate heaps when I’m done with these damn exams (see that assonance? it shows the abject boredom the individual feels at understanding why Yeats did what he did, when the individual has no interest in Modernist texts) are over. I need to stop being so sarcastic about Yeats. Lots of people like him but nahh. Either pure classic or pure contemporary for me thanks.

xx Simran 🎂🎈🎉

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Big dreams often come in small frames.

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