The time I got a tattoo

Today has been a lot of fun. I’m exhausted to the bone but it’s been so much fun. NSG had their annual charities day today, which meant a crap load of food, games, drinks beauty and our annual talent show, with all funds raised going to different charities.

First things first was the year 12 run talent show. I haven’t laughed so much or screamed and cheered on or danced as much as today. At one point, I had tears streaming down my face in laughter because one of my absolute favourite teachers at NSG, Mr McMahon, graced our school as a judge and his commentary made my day. Year 12 shook their booties to a ton of music in our dance number and to be completely honest, this has been the best talent show I’ve seen at NSG. I was actually blown away by the talent our school possesses.

After that enthralling two hour-ish show, we spent a lot of money on food, drinks and all these little games, all in the name of charity. We played twister, I confirmed my ability to use chopsticks in a race against time to eat Malteasers with chop sticks and we ate delicious things like churros and tacos. And of course, we danced like fools to all the music blasting. Can I just say that I’ve rekindled my addiction to listening to Circus by Britney Spears (she was queen)

But what takes the crown is this:


So.. I joined the glitter bomb, golden angel gang with my arrows being menacing and my feather just shining obnoxiously in your face. I actually really like how these tattoos turned out :’)


Two of my closest friends and I now joined by a temporary bling stamp. We’re unstoppable. We’re officially members of the glitter cult.

Charities day was quite fun. I have a wrecked voice from cheering and laughing so much but eh. Life.

As I headed up to the library to study before extension history, I saw bubbles floating around the school and I couldn’t resist. I have an affinity for pretty things. It can’t be helped :’)


I’m exhausted right now but there is so much work to do before exams so now it’s time to study. Cheers year 12. Can’t wait until you are over.

xx Simran

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